Why You Should Consider Switching From Powder to Cream

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Honesty hour, ladies: When it comes to your beauty routine, are you stuck in the powder funk? Do you go for a powdered shadow, powdered blush, and powdered foundation every trip to the beauty aisle without even considering your other possibilities? Don't worry, we've totes been there too, but recently we've decided to expand our horizons beyond the sparkly makeup dust to cream products. Yes, they do seem like they'd be heavy and super difficult to blend at first but we're here to tell you that once you try a cream product, you're never going back.

Here are all the reasons you needed to start trying cream beauty products, like yesterday.

It Lasts Longer

If you're not using primer (which you absolutely should be!), powdered products have a way of wearing off throughout the day thanks to sweat, oil and the general debris in the environment. Cream shadows and blushes, on the other hand, stay rooted to your skin because of the nature of the ingredients in the product. Because cream products are just a touch denser, they will stick to your skin for a long-lasting look that involves minimal touch-ups.
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It's More Pigmented

Yes, powdered eye shadows and blushes can be insanely pigmented, but we've all had that moment when we will buy a compact or a palette that we're super psyched about, only to find the color won't transfer without some serious effort. This is hardly ever the problem with cream shadows and blushes. Because of their smoother texture, cream blushes and shadows can hold pigment better than powders, giving you the same look you would achieve by wetting your brush and then dipping it in your palette. And that's going to make your application a whole lot easier.

You Can Use it as a Primer

If you're not ready to give up your powdered eye shadows, fear not! Cream eye shadows and powdered eye shadows can work together in perfect harmony. To prime your eyes and make sure your powdered shadow stays all day, use a cream shadow in a neutral color close to your skin. That way, your powder has something to stick to.

It Won't Dry You Out

According to the Huffington Post, most cream blushes are made with hyaluronic acid, castor seed and avocado oils which means that they offer a nice, dewy finish for your skin when applied. The same goes for cream shadows - because they're made with moisturizing components to get the cream effect, they're less likely to dry out areas of your skin than a powder. If your skin is particularly dry and you want to keep it as hydrated as possible, we highly recommend opting for the cream products.


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