GIFs Are Out, Videos Are In

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TechCrunch has recently reported on Yarn, a new mobile app that's currently built for Facebook Messenger. Yarn lets users look up video clips and send them through Messenger, as opposed to sharing a GIF. Sounds like a fun app, right? Half of the responses we all send via mobile are movie references anyways.

While on Yarn's website, users have the option to share the video clips on various social platforms, versus the mobile app's limitation to Messenger (we anticipate a baked out version that shares across multiple platforms via the app will be out soon, though.)

I tested out the Yarn mobile app, and it's pretty fluid and easy to use. Users are able to search for a specific clip or search through the most popular clips. The app also has emojis, because #duh.

Once a user grabs their video clip, they're prompted to share through Messenger and choose who who they'd like to send to, with their most recent chats filtered first. From there, users can send their clip with a "reply" option for the person they're chatting with (that's me sending Adele's now-infamous "Hello, it's me" to my hus. #NeverGetsOld):

The creators of the app (who are besties IRL), state that the source of the clips still comes from YouTube, so it's basically like a "Google image search, but for video clips" (via TechCrunch.)

Download the app (on either iOS and Android), and tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh!


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