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Living in Syria: Part 2

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I don't know if you read my old article about living in Syria and the struggles we face everyday, but I want people to know that we love life and no matter what obstacles and bumps we face, we are willing to fight back and fight for our justice and rights.

We Syrians have the right to live the life we lived five years ago. Because safety was surrounding us, electricity was lighting up my city and all of my beloved Syria. Food was available for everyone no matter how much money they had.

Today, the average salary is between 20 and 30 thousand Syrian pounds ($90-$136 U.S.), and the cost of living is always increasing to the highest prices. Can you imagine yourself living here? I don't think so. Please, people who are not living with us or know anything about the daily struggle a Syrian has to go through, don't give us your opinion or your point of view, because half of the news you're getting is false.

Our legacy will go on forever. If you're Syrian and you're not proud of who you are and your nationality, I say shame on you because we are the people who have the will to live and pass every struggle we face. God bless our country and people, and I hope this nightmare ends before we end.
Keep us in your prayers, please.
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