This App Will Prevent Your NYE From Turning Into 'The Hangover'

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Let's be honest...tonight is going to be LIT. And the odds of you remembering everything? Well, they aren't looking good.
THEBLOGOFETERNALSTENCH.TUMBLR.COM /GIPHYDon't worry. There's a new app in the game that's designed to help you document the evening with minimal effort - it was even inspired by the movie The Hangover.

The iOS and Android app is called Flashgap, and it's super popular in Europe, with over 2 million photos and videos shared since it was launched in December of 2014.

The concept is pretty genius: You select a group of friends and create an album. As you snap photos and video clips throughout the night, they disappear after three seconds and are stored in the album. At noon the next day, the photos become available for your squad to look at, recalling the good, the bad and the ugly from the night before.

Flashgap's 24-year-old French-American founder, Julian Kabab, dropped out of college to launch his app, which has already reached 210,000 users. He says the idea "was born from a real experience of waking up with all my friends and watching all photos and videos taken from last night...with social media similar to Flashgap, people post photos during their event, and therefore miss out on the event itself."

Flashgap is also great for documenting wild nights that you don't want to have plastered (pun intended) all over social media. Just you and your close friends will be able to peep it - and you don't have to worry about your parents finding out. And we love that everyone has access to the album the next day - no annoying texts to "send pix from last night!"

Bonus for readers in NYC: Flashgap is hosting its Hangover Helper Pop-Up across the city on January 1 from 7 to 10 a.m. You can snag gift bags of water, sunglasses and food, or even get an IV administered by a nurse practitioner (Flashgap insists they are medically sound).

Have fun...and be safe!


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