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New Year, Better Me

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As the new year approaches, people start to think of their resolutions: starting a new diet and losing weight, writing that book they've been meaning to start, to stop drinking and/or smoking, and, usually, to be a "changed" person (whatever that means). There's nothing wrong with setting goals, but what's the point if you're going to stop trying to achieve them by February?

"New year, new me" is something we hear quite often around this time, and is usually followed with rolling of the eyes. I always wonder why you want to be a "new" person. Shouldn't we be happy with who we are, and if not, shouldn't we be trying to make ourselves better versions of the people we already are? We live in a society where if you're not where you want to be in your career, relationships, academic career, and so on, then you need to change who you are. That who you are isn't good enough, everything about you is wrong.

But I don't think that's completely true. Who YOU are is good enough, but there are always ways to improve on who you are, without having to change your identity. Your self-worth shouldn't diminish just because of hardships throughout the year. These are the things which make you.

Let your turmoil shape you for the better, let your emotions and feelings run through your body. You are human after all, we were given emotions for a reason. It's all about perspective. If there is anything you desperately want to change, change your perspective.

So, "New Year, new me?" No. New year, better me.
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