This Awesome Parody of Adele's "Hello" Is Our New Favorite Thing

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We thought maybe we were burned out on all of the Adele "Hello" parodies we'd seen, but then CollegeHumor came up with this amazingness and we realized we had room in our hearts to love one more!

In the video, which has already gone viral (you'll understand why when you see how awesome it is), they imagine the other side of the conversation and it's perfect. A guy is in a work meeting and his phone keeps ringing. It's Adele and she 'must've called a thousand times,' but he finally picks up and we're so glad he did!


The parody convo is funny enough in and of itself, but when they get to the "hello from the outside" part, his response is literally perfect. We won't spoil it, but yeah, everything about this video is glorious, even the fact that it gave us an excuse to listen to "Hello" one more time!

Hello, CollegeHumor, thanks for making our day!
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