Cambio Q and A with The Score

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The Score is the hottest new musical duo you need to know about. Get to know Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover in our Cambio Q&A below.

Cambio: How did you guys come together to form a duo?
Eddie: Four-ish years ago in New York, we were both recently out of school and we were both trying to write and produce songs for other artists. We were doing a lot of songwriting with other people and we met just through a friend and we did a couple songs together and we had a really good rapport so we started working together.

Cambio: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
Edan: Eddie and I come from really different backgrounds. Eddie came up listening to a lot of classic rock, Motown and was part of the whole pop punk scene. And I was like totally oblivious of all that I was in sort of the jazz world. I was studying jazz piano and listening only to jazz musicians and then, I opened up to start doing pop production when I was in college. We both loved Motown, we both loved artists like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder and when we were writing together for other pop artists we started sharing with each other these different influences and passions we had for soul music and that's sort of how the band music started to come about.

Cambio: How would describe the sound of the music you guys make now?
Edan: I think in simplest terms it'd be anthemic indie pop. It's really song based, because that's our bread and butter. We're best in the studio, when we're writing and recording in the studio. So it's all about the songs. It's catchy, singalong, big choruses, but with a bit of alternative influence there, too, and soul.

Cambio: What's your favorite track on your EP?
Eddie: I think we both love "Where Do You Run."

Cambio: What do you have planned for 2016?
Eddie: We're hoping [for] it to be a really, really big year for us. We're going to put out our first full length album on Republic.
Edan: We've been really thrilled with the reception of "Oh My Love" by US radio. We've already had success with it in the UK, but you never know until you actually put it out there and see whats going to happen. And it seems to be being received really well.

Get The Score's Where Do You Run EP on iTunes and watch the "Oh My Love" music video below.


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