A Guy's Request For Nudes Had The Perfect Ending

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By: Alanna Vagianos

Now this is how you respond to dudes who ask for naked photos.

Last month, 19-year-old Twitter user Michaela (who prefers her last name not be mentioned in this article) was texting an acquaintance named Ethan when he asked for a naked photo. When she refused, Ethan felt badly and asked how he could make it up to her. Michaela responded accordingly: She told him she would forgive him, but only if he sent her an edible arrangement.

And, well, he did.

On Jan. 29, Michaela tweeted three photos including an edible arrangement, a screenshot of a text message conversation and a note that reads, "I'm so sorry."

"A guy bought me an edible arrangement bc he felt bad about asking me for nudes no lie I'm dead," Michaela wrote in her tweet.

As of Thursday afternoon, the tweet had received over 19,000 retweets and 41,000 favorites.

"I honestly think the response I've received has been hilarious," Michaela told The Huffington Post. "The story is pretty lighthearted so I'm not taking anything too seriously."

Below is Michaela's text conversation in which Ethan apologized.

The edible arrangement came with a heartfelt note that read, "I'm so sorry :(."

Well done, Michaela.

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