Always' #LikeAGirl Video Gets Real About Emojis

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Who run the world? Girls. But that's not at all reflected in the vast array of widely popular emojis, which prompts us to ask another important question: Sup with that?

Always wants to know, too. According to their new survey data, girls feel limited by emojis with three in four wanting to see female emojis portrayed more progressively.

Accompanying Always' #LikeAGirl campaign is an eye-opening video featuring how young women really feel about emojis. And what they had to say will get you emosh.

One girl remarked, "There's no girls in the profession emojis - unless you count being a bride a profession." Um, that's definitely a "hell no" from us. Another checked out the emojis that depicted sports activities and noted: "None of the girls are doing this."

It's about damn time for a serious emoji makeover, don't you think? As one girl pointed out: "I want every girl to grow up knowing that she's capable of everything."

What girl emoji do you want to see? Share it on social media with #LikeAGirl.


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