Kerri Medders Is Red-Lipped and Loaded in Her 'Come On' Music Video

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Kerri Medders is the perfect mix of effortless cool and sexy in her video for "Come On." You can't help but fall in love with the stunning singer as she rocks out to our new fave song, which encapsulates the excitement and newness of a blossoming relationship.

Read on to see what the singing sensation told Cambio about shooting the vid.

Cambio: What do you love about your song, "Come On"?
Kerri Medders: When creating this track my producer, Matias Mora, and I wanted to create a song the listener could turn up full volume and go on a road trip with a mix of pop-ish vocals and beats. It's a nice mixture of the vision that was set aside for the song. I co-wrote the song with artist Katie Stump, and I told her a story of what I wanted to bring out in the lyrics, and then we wrote it together. I love how it's a live band sound and atmospheric sounds all in one.

C: We adore the jam session vibe of the video. Are there similar videos from the past you took inspiration from?
KM: No, there wasn't any inspiration I really pulled from. The director, Justin Ward, and I wanted a video that looked almost as if you were sitting in on one of my band rehearsals. I really love how the video turned out because it's 100 percent "Kerri Medders just rockin' out."

C: From the red lip to the ripped jeans, we loved your look for the video! How did you settle on the perfect outfit?
KM: It's actually pretty funny, arriving on set for the music video none of us really had a clue of what I was going to wear. There were maybe four people trying different clothes on me and in the end, we kind of just threw on the ripped jeans and the baby doll shirt. Then someone asked my guitarist, Devon, if we could borrow a leather jacket (because she had two) and BAM! My outfit came together.

C: What artists are inspiring you right now?
KM: I will always say, The 1975. They are huge inspirations in my music that I create.


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