Sound Failure Won't Stop Adele From Giving An Amazing Performance

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By: Carly Ledbetter

Adele, once again, encountered sound problems during her ballad "All I Ask" while performing in Birmingham, England a few nights ago. (You didn't forget that Grammys incident, right?)

But like a true professional, she kept singing the cursed song until the sound came back on at just the right moment.

In the video below, you can hear the sound cut off mid-note at the 2:39 mark. Adele looks thrown off for about a half a second, then soldiers on through the song as the crowd sings for her. It's honestly a beautiful moment, as the audience whistles and cheers while Adele belts into the silent mic.

When the sound finally comes back on at the 3:34 mark, Adele is in the middle of hitting a high note, and the crowd erupts in thunderous applause.

After the song, Adele didn't seem to know what happened and asked the audience about the incident.

"The sound went off? The PA f**king cut off?" Adele said, before turning to the people close to the stage. "So you guys had a private concert down in the front?"

The singer joked that she wasn't miming the words, before telling the audience, "Every f**king show I sing live." Yep, and that's why she's the queen, sound failure or not.


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