Ava Gold Takes No Prisoners in New Video for "I Wish You Would"

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Ava Gold is an absolute savage in her new song "I Wish You Would." The prolific singer, who starred as Cha Cha in Fox's wildly successful Grease: Live in January, lets an ex-flame have it with piercingly unforgettable lyrics like "RIP to your name, get ghost. If I could take back my time, I'd do it five times" and "All bark and no bite, All f**k and no fight."

Dang, gurl. Tell us how you really feel!

The Jesse DeFlorio-helmed video for our new breakup anthem is just as mesmerizing. Ava calls it "a dark, empowering confession about a woman taking back her power back."

Get to know Ava Gold a little bit better by checking out our Q&A below:

Cambio: What inspired the lyrics/video to "I Wish You Would"?
Ava Gold: "I Wish You Would" is about stepping out of the victim role and finally seeing manipulation and abuse (verbal, mental and/or physical) for what it is. It's about saying "no" to what doesn't serve you. It's about reclaiming your personal power. I think everyone's been the recipient of dumb threats from small people. This song is about daring them away from their own pettiness.

The inspiration behind the video was to depict the ghosts of a failed relationship and disconnect from oneself that happens when someone leaves them; that moratorium period where life seems to occur in a haze. It also shows the strength that can come from standing your ground.

C: It is such a powerful "no mercy" type of breakup song. What songs did that for you growing up?
AG: "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette was definitely one of "those" songs.

C: The fashion in the video is fierce and sophisticated. Tell us about the outfit choices. Do they reflect your personal style?
AG: Thank you! I love fashion because it is yet another way to express my creativity. Gabriel Langenbrunner is my amazing stylist and creating with him is always so much fun. The black gown in the video was Marcell Von Berlin styled with diamond jewelry by Rosalina Lydster. The white skirt is Miau by Clara Rotescu and the black top was mine. My personal style is very current with how I feel and evolves as I evolve, but there is usually always a sophistication and artistic approach.

C: What sound/themes can we expect from your self-titled EP this fall?
AG: Definitely expect some soul, good songs and on the production end. It's going to be pretty interesting. It's soul but there are some urban and Latin elements thrown in the mix in a way that I haven't heard done before, so I'm pretty stoked to be carving a lane for myself, if you will.

C: You're so multi-dimensional with the violin playing and songwriting. Which artists have inspired your journey?
AG: One of my biggest inspirations was Prince. I am still not over his passing. He broke all kinds of molds, played every instrument, wrote incredible songs and served as a light in what can often be a dark industry. I love artists who are not only prolific, but choose to use their gifts to uplift humanity. I think we are here to either enlighten and uplift or mislead and discourage. Pharrell is another one that is a huge inspiration to me for similar reasons. These are artists, who are "other," who don't fit in a box and who don't care to either, because they know that within them exists boundless potential and great power by embracing exactly who they are and those things that make us unique.

C: If you could write for any other singer right now, who would it be and why? What kind of song do you envision?
AG: I really love the old school sound, so it might be cool to write/sing a duet for someone like Leon Bridges.

C: What are your goals musically in the next five years?
AG: There are so many people I have yet to work with, so many songs to write, so many shows to play...I've never been good at setting timelines like that necessarily, but my goals are simple. I wish to become a master of my craft, work with everyone I admire and realize my full potential (as a human and as an artist). As long as I'm heading in that direction, I'm happy with what I'm doing and it is allowing me to bring people joy, I'm happy.

C: Lastly, Grease: Live was such a big pop culture event/phenomenon. Tell us about how that experience was for you.
AG: It was incredible from Day 1. Even at the table read, it was pretty clear that we all knew we were about to be a part of something very special. The entire cast and creative team were amazing. We had Julianne Hough, who really was the perfect Sandy, and Aaron Tveit as Danny, Vanessa Hudgens, Carlos Pena Vega, Keke Palmer, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jessie J, Boyz II Men, and it's a pretty big cast, but everyone was so talented. We even had two of the original cast members, Didi Conn and Barry Pearl (who were the original Frenchie & Doody). Tommy Kail, who currently has Hamilton on Broadway and whom I worked with before on In the Heights, was our fearless leader and it really doesn't get much better than him. It was such an honor to play Cha Cha and to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a once in a lifetime event. I assure you the 7-year-old me was freaking out!


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