Dear Kanye, Paris Hilton Knows Who Really Made Kim Kardashian 'Famous'

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By: Carly Ledbetter

Hot: taking credit for someone's fame. Not hot: someone else trying to steal said credit away from you. Which is exactly why Paris Hilton has to come clean about making Kimberly Noel Kardashian famous.

After Kanye West dropped the orgy-themed video for his new single, "Famous," Instagram user littlehiltonboy made a meme reminding Yeezus who really made his girl a celebrity:

Though the 35-year-old socialite didn't comment on the meme, she did like it, according to a screenshot captured by Cosmopolitan. It's the simple life things.

To be fair, Hilton did help usher Kardashian into the spotlight. After the socialite and her one-time BFF, Nicole Richie, parted ways, Kardashian joined Hilton for a red carpet appearance over 10 years ago on April 12, 2006.

West himself essentially admitted that he found Kardashian through her friendship with Hilton, telling Ryan Seacrest in 2013, "I remember I saw a picture of her and Paris Hilton, and I remember telling my boy, 'Have you seen that girl Kim Kar-dijon?'" Ah, love.

Though Kardashian and Hilton are no longer as close as they used to be, the two are still on friendly terms. Hilton recently posted a photo wishing Khloe Kardashian a happy birthday this week, and did the same for Kim's birthday back in October 2015:

Kardashian later returned the favor by posting a belated birthday picture of her and Hilton from a trip in Ibiza:

Keeping our fingers crossed for a Paris Hilton cameo on "KUWTK." Until then, we'll keep listening to our favorite summer jam (by DJ Paris, of course).


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