Sweet Summer 15: Singer Jena Rose Hangs With Cambio at Amoeba Music in Hollywood

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If you don't know the name Jena Rose, you soon will. The 15-year-old is an incredible singer-slash-songwriter who's about to blow up on the music scene in a MAJ way.

We hung out with the talented beauty at the iconic Amoeba Music in Hollywood recently. From her stylish flair (one elderly woman stopped us just to compliment her outfit - too cute!) to her powerhouse vocals (which she had to tone down since we were in the middle of a store and all), it was clear that Jena Rose has the makings of a superstar.

Her new song "Fire," due out next month, appropriately sounds much like its name 🔥

Jena Rose sings a line from her new HOT song "Fire" and shows off her sizzling outfit. 🔥

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The impromptu sneak peek above doesn't do the record justice. The production, lyrics, EVERYTHING is lit with levels that make it insanely addictive. #RIPReplayButton

Find out more about Jena Rose by checking out our Q&A with the lovely songbird below:

Cambio: When did you know you wanted to pursue a singing career?
Jena Rose: I knew I wanted to be a singer when I first stepped off stage at 9 years old. I sang "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley at the House of Blues in Dallas. It was for a showcase for my music school, School of Rock. I think music, in general, made me want to sing - the fact that you can express yourself doing something that you love.

C: Which singer do you look up to?
JR: Definitely Taylor Swift because she has a great business mind and I love how she interacts with her fans, her performances and her writing.

C: We have to ask! What do you think of Taylor's romance with Tom Hiddleston?
JR: It's her life. She can do whatever she wants to do, and if that's who she loves then who are we to judge. But I do think Calvin [Harris]'s a little cuter.

C: Is there someone you're dying to collaborate with?
JR: Sia for sure! She's definitely one of my main influences for songwriting. I co-write all of my songs.

C: Sia is known for her wigs and theatrics. What's your vision for your own performances?
JR: Definitely visuals on stage, something for people to look at and have them leave my show thinking, "Wow!"

C: When can we expect your EP? What is your ultimate goal for your music?
JR: I hope to release my EP in the next six months. I just want to move people and be the voice that people don't have. I want them to listen to my songs and have it relate to their lives.

Relive our fun-filled Snap Story with Jena Rose - and don't forget to add us Cambiosnap!

Cambio hangs out with singer Jena Rose at the iconic Amoeba Music in Hollywood 🎼

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Jena Rose tells Cambio about meeting Tyler Posey and her hidden talent at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.

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