Ingrid Nilsen Opens Up About Her Most Embarrassing Period Story to Cambio

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Ingrid Nilsen is fearless when it comes to kicking period-shaming in the behind.

Not only did she straight up ask President Obama why pads and tampons are taxed as "luxury items," she partnered with U by Kotex and to launch the first national period product donation drive. (You see why Ingrid is our BFF in our head?!)

Recently, she spoke openly with Cambio about her personal experiences and struggles during that time of the month. She even shared some helpful tips. Check it out below!

Cambio: How do you deal with #PeriodProblems, especially in the summer and while traveling?
Ingrid Nilsen: I find Gas-X to be really helpful on my period because I tend to get a little more gas than usual. It especially helps me on planes!

C: What are your favorite period hacks?
IN: Use hydrogen peroxide. It will get period blood out of anything, dry or wet. Put it on the stain and put it in the washer and it will come right out!

C: What are your thoughts on period panties and cloth pads?
IN: Reusable period management products are great for the environment, so if they work for you, I'm in favor of them!

C: What's your most embarrassing period story?
IN: I realized my period had started as I boarded an airplane wearing white pants. I sat in my seat, looked down, saw the blood coming through, and had nothing on me to help! I asked the flight attendant if she had a pad, and she went to get it while I went to the bathroom to clean up. Someone opened the door as I was pulling down my pants, so I was fully exposed while also on my period.

C: What do you think the world would be like if guys had periods?
IN: There would be no stigma surrounding them. Period products would probably be free and available in all public spaces.


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