'Gilmore Girls' Comes For Gwyneth Paltrow In First Page Of Revival Script

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By: Cole Delbyck

We don't know what we've done to deserve this gift, Amy Sherman-Palladino, but we happily accept the first page of Netflix's "Gilmore Girls" revival script with no questions asked.

With the release date for the continued adventures of the Gilmore women looming, our thirst for revival scoop has grown as fierce as a sparring session between Emily Gilmore and Shira Huntzberger at a DAR gala.

In the opening scene of the episode titled "Winter" exclusively released by Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday, we pick up with Lorelai and Rory nine years after they said "bon voyage." And we're happy to report that their trademark banter and pop culture witticisms have returned in full force.

Taking place in the now-iconic Stars Hollow gazebo, we find Lorelai waiting for Rory, who's just gotten off a flight, ideally after spending the interim period between seasons in a beachside romance bungalow with Jess.

No indication about the much-hyped final four words, but at least they slipped in a Gwyneth Paltrow dig, right?

Read an excerpt from the script below and head to Entertainment Weekly for the full first page.

Lorelai: You've been stuffed in a glorified tin can for seven hours surrounded by people with consumption and diptheria, scabies hummus dips, rabid dogs and drugged up children attacking your seat and stealing your change.

Rory: What airline are you flying?

Lorelai: You should look drawn and blotchy. You should be singing "I Dreamed a Dream" with a bad haircut while selling yourself to French dockworkers. Instead, you look perfect. Admit it. You've been Goop'd.

Rory: I have not been Goop'd.

Lorelai: You do yoga in the aisles wearing cashmere sweatpants while your comfort dog watched "Zoolander" on his watch.


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