Does Social Media Actually Make Young People Anti-Social?

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For young people, social media is a way of life. And the age (not so) old question seems to be: Does social media actually make a person anti-social? No, according to ACUVUE.

The contact lens brand's findings not only indicate that social media has helped many make more friends but that the true definition of #SquadGoals means bonding IRL.

That's right. Surprisingly, the majority (78 percent) of Millennials and their younger, tech-savvier peers, Generation Z, interact with their friends by seeing them in person.

Furthermore, most Millennials and Gen Z-ers (74 percent) prefer to leave their #EyeglassesProblems at home in favor of contacts when connecting with the crew.
Contact lenses, according to the survey, allow young people to be more active (55 percent) and feel more confident (35 percent) to reach their full potential (88 percent).

Bottom Line: We can all rejoice in the knowledge that Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr aren't ruining young people's lives. So, scroll and swipe on, girl!


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