This Harry Potter Makeup Palette Is Worth All The Gold In Gringotts

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For Glamour, by Erin Reimel.

We don't know what spell has been cast upon the beauty world, but the internet has just blessed us with more Harry Potter makeup. And unlike these fictional makeup palettes we hope someone conjures up in potions class, this Hogwarts Highlight and Contour Palette is 100 percent real. Bonus: It's vegan, so no Fantastic Beasts were harmed in the process of making it.

Created by Etsy vendor A Whimsical Willow, as PopSugar points out, the palette contains three shimmery highlighters that'll raise your cheekbones (can you say Wingardium Leviosa?) and three contour shades that'll expertly sculpt your face, perfect for a special occasion (like say, the Yule Ball).

Sick of the HP references yet? Nope? Good, because every shade is a nod to the wizarding world.

The first pair of shades here includes Unicorn Hair, a silver with purple and blue shimmer, and Dragon Wings, a dark brown with green and blue flecks.

Then there's the Hedwig highlighter, which looks just like Harry's lovable and majestic Snowy Owl — white and grey with a hint of silver. The golden brown contour shade is called Pigwigeon [sic] after Ron's equally adorable but hyperactive owl.

And then there's the golden Butterbeer Foam, which looks as amazing as we assume the drink tastes. And finally Firewhiskey, which will light your cheeks up in a gorgeous bronzy gold.

You can preorder the palette now for $40 before shipments start on October 26th — just in time to get your Hermione on for Halloween. Now take all our Galleons.

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