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Geek Girl Diva

I hate talking about myself which is why I likely enjoy blogging and doing social media – because I enjoy talking about other people, brands, and projects. I don’t promote things I don’t actually like and I don’t profess to know more than I actually know. If there’s one thing I try to be, it’s authentic and honest. Sometimes that gets me in trouble, but it’s sort of a commitment I have, so there ya go. ;-)

I blog, I tweet, I fangirl, and I passionately love a number of things. If you’d like me to do any of those things for you, feel free to contact me.

I’m currently writing (in one form or another) for: Fashionably GeekNerd ApprovedThat’s Nerdalicious, Entertainment Weekly’s EW Community, and my own blog Geek Girl Diva. I’ve also been lucky enough to write for PajibaPhactual, and guest blog for some awesome people here and there.

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