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Marleni J Chavana

Although there are many ways to describe Marleni Chavana, the most fitting seems to be “Smarter than your average bear”. As a  junior at a magnet school in New Jersey focussing math and science (healthcare), she is constantly worrying about her grades and all things college related. As any overachieving dramatic teenage girl would, she is constantly challenging herself by creating new life plans for herself incase she fails her chemistry exam, or as she would say it, ‘Taking one step closer to failing at life’. When she is not checking her college related Google News Instant Alerts, she participates in many clubs, including Science Olympiad and Healthcare Occupations Students of America (H.O.S.A.), is a student teacher at a local Catholic school, and an active volunteer for the Icla da Silva Foundation. She is also an alumna of the 2014 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program.  Outside of the classroom, Marleni enjoys playing noncompetitive sports, is in love with all things owl, is a voracious reader, and thinks that knitting and extreme couponing should be considered sports. But at the end of the day, she is just like any other girl; laying in bed in her ugly pajamas, eating a tub of ice cream, and obsessively looking for spoilers of new episode of the Mindy Project.

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