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Rani Persaud

I'm sixteen years young and I'm a proud student of Queen's College, the most prestigious institution in the Caribbean [except mine is in Guyana]. I also am a representative for The Alternative Matters, a trio initiative that is concerned with teenager-like matters and the things we should've been taught as well as the TIP [Trafficking In Persons] Campaign. Both of them are fetus ideas, and are still being nurtured, but watch out, TIP Campaign has gotten the attention it needs, and we'll be right at our awareness program come this September. 

I'm a writer at heart and if I were an animal, it'd be a bookworm. I can't forget an important fact: I'm a die-hard Lovatic [!!!]. My only problem is procrastination. If it was a job, I'd be a billionaire. So, I apologize to those who use Wattpad and read my works.

However, with "Built By Girls", I promise that I will present you with the best of my writing abilities and I hope that I can amaze you.

Oh, and by the way, my name is Rani. ^_^

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