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Best Catch Ever? Young Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Catches Game Ball in His Popcorn Bucket (WATCH)

Apr 5th 2014 5:00PM

When all else fails and you don't have a baseball glove...use your popcorn bucket? That's exactly what 17-year-old Lucas Spano did when a foul ball... Read More

james franco

James Franco "Embarrassed" He Hit on 17-Year-Old Girl Online

Apr 4th 2014 12:09PM

Although we thought perhaps it was a marketing ploy for his new movie, James Franco is actually fessing up to attempting to seduce a 17-year-old via... Read More

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Honey Maid Responds to Homophobes, Haters in Most Brilliant Way Ever

Apr 4th 2014 11:32AM

Lets give it up for Honey Maid because this is beyond awesome... Honey Maid took plenty of heat when it aired their "This Is Wholesome" ad that... Read More

emma stone

Emma Stone's Unique Hidden Talent: Forging Spice Girls' Autograph Signatures

Apr 4th 2014 9:57AM

We already knew Emma Stone was amazingly talented--but the actress has a unique hidden skill you might not have known about. She can copy the Spice... Read More

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Kristen Bell's "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" Live Performance Will Reduce You to Tears

Apr 3rd 2014 3:05PM

Okay, confession time: we lose it every time we hear Frozen's "Do You Want to Build a Snowman." Please tell us we're not the only ones. We... Read More

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Amazing Inflight Entertainment: The Lion King Cast Sings "Circle of Life"

Apr 1st 2014 1:48PM

Imagine having live entertainment during your next flight--that's exactly what happened for passengers on board a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, as... Read More

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The Secret to James Maslow's DWTS Success: "We Don't Take Days Off"

Mar 31st 2014 6:22PM

This boy bander is dancing so hard he has to "eat like a horse." Big Time Rush's James Maslow has been heating things up on the dance floor over... Read More

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This Woman Spent $25,000 on Surgery to Look Like Jennifer Lawrence...See the Results

Mar 31st 2014 3:54PM

File this story under "waste of money." Meet Kitty, a 30-year-old Texas mom, who decided to shell out $25,000 for plastic surgery to make her look... Read More

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Even They Don't Want Him Back? Justin Bieber Gets Booed at Canada's Juno Awards

Mar 31st 2014 12:45PM

Does even Canada not want Justin Bieber back? Uh, it kind of seems that way. During his homeland's beloved Juno Awards Sunday night, the country's... Read More

cara delevingne, michelle rodriguez

Cara Delevingne Makes Out With Michelle Rodriguez in Mexico

Mar 31st 2014 11:29AM

Muy caliente! Rumored couple Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez let their lips do the talking while on a recent romantic vacation in Mexico. ... Read More

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Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet: What Would You Rather Be Slimed With?

Mar 30th 2014 11:57AM

Mayonaise or sour cream? Hot fudge or maple syrup? Peanut butter or jelly? We asked celebs Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega, Emblem3 and more what... Read More

Kids Choice Awards, Predictions

2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Live Stream (WATCH)

Mar 29th 2014 8:02PM

The biggest names in music, television, movies and sports will walk the orange carpet tonight at the 27th Annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and... Read More

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Selena Gomez Gets Emotional During We Day Speech, Sports a Ring on That Finger (WATCH)

Mar 28th 2014 6:33PM

Selena Gomez gave an awesome speech at the We Day conference on March 26, but her words weren't what everyone was focused on. With those Justin Bieber... Read More

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Kid Becomes Real-Life Action Hero With Dad's Cool Visual Effects: Watch!

Mar 28th 2014 11:05AM

When dads are awesome...this one really takes the cake, as he brings to life his son's love for action movies and superheroes to turn him into the... Read More

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Selena Gomez Talks Being a Fame Whore in Awesome Jared Leto Thirty Seconds to Mars Video (WATCH) #TBT

Mar 27th 2014 10:49PM

Because our Jared Leto obsession has grown since his recent, big award wins, we started looking stuff up about him online and you'll never guess what... Read More

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See 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Sing and Dance in Throwback Thursday Clip

Mar 27th 2014 1:26PM

Ryan Gosling was always adorable, and this amazing Throwback Thursday clip proves it. The Notebook hottie was interviewed by a local news station... Read More

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Jimmy Kimmel Finds Out the Dirty Words Kids Know: Some of Them May Shock You

Mar 26th 2014 11:43AM

Video of a little boy rattling off all the swear words he knows has been making the rounds, but Jimmy Kimmel took the idea and ran with it, taking... Read More

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Kim Kardashian: North West Peed on Kanye During 'Vogue' Shoot

Mar 26th 2014 11:01AM

Despite what it looks like, fashion shoots aren't always all glitz and glamour. Just Kanye West, who got peed on by his naked daughter North West... Read More

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See a New 'Divergent' Scene: How'd They Make Multiple Shailene Woodleys?

Mar 25th 2014 10:23AM

Divergent is currently the #1 movie at the box office, and we've got a brand new scene featuring Shailene Woodley...well, it actually features about... Read More

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Taylor Swift Does the Coolest Thing Ever for Sick Children at a New York Hospital (WATCH)

Mar 25th 2014 3:08AM

Taylor Swift proved again why pretty much everyone is in love with her. The singer stopped by New York Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to visit... Read More

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Kristen Bell's a Fan: Watch Little Girl's Dramatic 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman' Video

Mar 24th 2014 10:29AM

We've seen the funny Frozen viral videos, the lovely "Let It Go" covers and even this brilliant mashup of a guy singing "Let It Go" in a number of... Read More

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Baby Wakes Up to Bruno Mars In the Best Mood Ever

Mar 23rd 2014 5:54PM

Ever wish you could wake up a little happier? If you're anything like us, dragging ass out of bed takes a good deal of multiple snooze button... Read More

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Josh Hutcherson's 5 Pieces of Advice To His Younger Self

Mar 22nd 2014 9:00AM

Should have. Would have. Could have. Though giving advice to our younger selves doesn't really do us any good now, it's still fun to find out... Read More

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The Best Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" Cover We've Heard (LISTEN)

Mar 21st 2014 6:14PM

Miley Cyrus should've considered giving "Wrecking Ball" a country music twist. The Dixie Chicks recently covered it and it was pretty freaking... Read More

divergent, shailene woodley, theo james

'Divergent' Stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James Give Advice to Their Future Selves

Mar 21st 2014 1:11PM

Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games--now Divergent? Young adult film franchises have a certain way of reaching a level of success--and... Read More

american hustle, jennifer lawrence

Watch Jennifer Lawrence Rock Out, Lip Sync to Santana in Deleted 'American Hustle' Scene

Mar 21st 2014 12:14PM

As if we really need yet another reason to love Jennifer Lawrence, it turns out that the multi-talented starlet plays a mean air guitar too. In... Read More

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McFly's Tom Fletcher and Wife's Amazing Pregnancy Time-lapse Video: From Bump to Buzz

Mar 21st 2014 11:38AM

This melted our hearts. We're talking reduced to a puddle meltdown. Have a tissue handy because McFly star Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have... Read More

divergent, jaden smith, kylie jenner, zoe kravitz

Jaden Smith Was Zoe Kravitz's Date to the 'Divergent' Premiere

Mar 21st 2014 10:44AM

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerDoes Kylie Jenner know about this? We're used to seeing Jaden Smith attend events with the... Read More

divergent, shailene woodley, theo james

Which Celebs Made It on the "Divergent" Cast Crush List?

Mar 20th 2014 9:00AM

If you say you don't have a celeb crush, you're probably lying. And the Divergent cast are not liars. They have likely been prepping for some... Read More

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Sky Ferreira Reveals What It's Like to Ride on Miley Cyrus' Hot Dog

Mar 19th 2014 5:08PM

When Sky Ferreira isn't gashing her leg open on Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour, she's apparently fantasizing about riding on Miley's tongue and wiener.... Read More