Curious About Col[lab]?

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What is this thing?!

Col[lab] is where creators collaborate (see what we did there?) on all things #BUILTBYGIRLS. We believe girl power equals inclusivity. Everyone can experiment with blog posts, videos, podcasts and other media - your dreams are welcome here. We want to hear what you have to say about life's challenges, tech, Kendall Jenner, college, beauty tips and more.

Join the conversation! Sign up via this form and start submitting today. But don't just click 'send' and walk away. Become an active member of the #BUILTBYGIRLS movement by interacting with your fellow Col[lab] creators on Cambio and social media.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, you'll have access to our content management system (CMS), where you'll create posts. Don't worry; we'll help you from start to finish, so you'll end up with a published clip of which you're proud! That also means that we reserve the right to edit your submissions (and it may take some time to do so; please be patient), but know that we aim to keep your voice intact.

OK, I understand Col[lab]. Now, what's Cambio?

Just like your favorite celebs, Cambio now has its own before and after pics. Since 2010, Cambio has been covering all of the latest entertainment news and gossip - from who's hooking up to who's most GIF-worthy. But like many Hollywood stars, we knew we were destined for even bigger things. So in the spring of 2014, we decided to do something about it.

We reached out to Girls Who Code, an organization with big dreams of its own (like exposing 1 million young women to computer science by 2020) to help us re-imagine and rebuild Cambio - as a lab for real girls to create a site they'd want to visit every day, one that truly reflects their varied interests and passions. In June, Michelle, Roxy, Natasha, Lily and Nikki, all grads of GWC, moved into AOL's offices to take up the challenge. The result: a new site with topics chosen by girls and a bigger vision.

The new Cambio is a platform that not only entertains but empowers young women to build anything they want to build and be anything they want to be. It features tech, fashion, beauty, inspiration AND Taylor Swift - and anything else young women are passionate about. The GWC interns also built two unique new products for the site: Celebspiration, which allows users to create and share inspirational celebrity memes, and the aforementioned Col[lab].


Our long-term mission is to inspire young women everywhere to see themselves as builders, creators and innovators - the protagonists in their own lives who believe they can build a bigger and better world. Whether their interests lie in coding and science, or fashion, design and music, we want them to take advantage of technology to fuel their passions and drive their success.

When should I use #BUILTBYGIRLS?

Use our hashtag to add color to any of your social media posts that illustrate #BUILTBYGIRLS - whether it's congratulating a friend at school because she won Academic Decathlon or showcasing your latest DIY project. If you build it, then tweet about it with the hashtag!

Got it. Anything else I should know?

Yes. We have a few ground rules.

But what if I still have questions?

We love a good gab! Email us with your queries about Cambio, #BUILTBYGIRLS and/or Col[lab]. Our address is


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