Episode #10 - Manage The Media Challenge

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Cambio and AT&T present On the Spot, the largest global online and interactive talent search to form the next Supergroup. Participants from around the world had the opportunity to audition for Johnny Wright by way of video submissions. Powered by AT&T's wireless products and services, Johnny chose his new band in groundbreaking fashion.

Watch as Johnny and his team of experts narrow down the auditions to just 20 participants. Then, from his high-tech headquarters, he top 20 finalists to the test, utilizing the power of the Internet and the AT&T network to orchestrate a series of challenges that test each contestant's artistic prowess, business savvy, and passion. The most impressive performers were then flown to L.A. to participate in Johnny's famous "Boot Camp", an intense workshop of rehearsals, dance choreography, vocal lessons, and media training.

Who will be in the supergroup? You gotta watch to find out.
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