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Alessandra Ambrosio Brings Her 5-Year-Old Daughter to Coachella

Apr 20th 2014 8:26PM

Coachella is a lot of things, but one thing it is not known for is being family-friendly. Usually, that's a place people go to get away from their... Read More

16 and pregnant

16 and Pregnant Sneak Peek: The Most Uninspired Job Search Ever

Apr 20th 2014 7:22PM

On this week's episode of 16 and Pregnant, we have the privilege of meeting Autumn and her boyfriend, who is absolutely one of the least... Read More

babies, jenelle evans, teen mom, teen mom 2

Is Jenelle Evans Giving Her Baby Up for Adoption?

Apr 20th 2014 6:38PM

Jenelle Evans has had a pretty eventful couple of months. Her estranged husband Courtland Rogers was recently released from jail, she met a new guy... Read More

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Which 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Star Are You?

Apr 20th 2014 11:00AM

You watch their hit E! reality series and follow them on Instagram and Twitter, but which Keeping Up With the Kardashians star are you most like? Are you addicted to selfies like Kim Kardashian or do... Read More

teen wolf, tyler posey

5 Reasons We're Excited for Tyler Posey's Wedding

Apr 20th 2014 7:00AM

Tyler Posey and his fiancé Seana Gorlick are getting ready to marry this fall...and we think they're going to make one awesome husband and... Read More


Happy Easter! Jelly Bean Milk and Easter Eggnog Hits Stores

Apr 20th 2014 6:00AM

Well, this is one way to ring in Easter. We're not quite sure if we want to kick off the holiday with a hearty glass of Jelly Bean milk, but it... Read More

animals, cute

This Baby Squirrel With a Cast Is the Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Apr 20th 2014 5:00AM

Stop it, just stop it! This is too much cuteness to handle. City Wildlife, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington D.C., rescued this poor baby... Read More


Meet Joan of Shark, the Biggest Great White Ever Tagged

Apr 19th 2014 10:35PM

Cue the Jaws theme music. This huge great white shark, who was nicknamed "Joan of Shark" by local fisherman, was spotted swimming close to an... Read More

harry styles, one direction

Harry Styles Lands on Zach Braff's Leaked Lovers Sex List: Harry, You Old Dog

Apr 19th 2014 12:00PM

Lindsay Lohan isn't the only one who has a list of sex partners that's Zach Braff also was the victim of a lovers list leak. ... Read More

justin bieber, mariah carey

Mariah Carey Refuses to Talk About Justin Bieber During Interview, Has Fabulous Response

Apr 19th 2014 10:38AM

Don't ask Mariah Carey about Justin Bieber. During a recent interview with ET Canada, the diva singer was asked about badass Bieber, who she once did... Read More

jaden smith

Guy Uses Jaden Smith's Tweets to Hit on Tinder Girls and It's Amazing

Apr 19th 2014 10:00AM

Jaden Smith is only 15, but if you follow him on Twitter, you know that he is wise beyond his years. Will Smith's precocious son often shares his... Read More

ice cream, viagra

Please Eat Responsibly: You'll Never Believe What This Ice Cream Has in It

Apr 19th 2014 4:50AM

No request is too weird when your client is a celebrity. They get whatever they want, whenever they want with pretty much no questions asked. You've... Read More


Kid Climbs Into Claw Machine at Bowling Alley

Apr 19th 2014 1:52AM

Well, that's one way to beat the system! This 3-year-old's mom was understandably terrified when he went missing, but it turns out, he was just across... Read More

katy perry

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Adorable New Puppy

Apr 19th 2014 1:36AM

The crazy cat lady just got...a dog?! Katy Perry, who loves cats (like really, really loves them) just showed off this precious pic of her new puppy.... Read More

lady gaga

Lady Gaga Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled: Shares Post-Surgery Photo

Apr 18th 2014 11:57PM

Lady Gaga had her wisdom teeth pulled this week and she posted a picture of her full-on chipmunk cheeks to prove it. Anyone who has gone through the... Read More

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus Postpones Her Entire 'Bangerz' Tour Until August: See the New Dates

Apr 18th 2014 11:30PM

R.I.P. Miley Cyrus' U.S. Bangerz tour. The singer just announced that she has to postpone the rest of her shows due to her current hospitalization. ... Read More


Did Rihanna Pose for Playboy?

Apr 18th 2014 10:47PM

Rihanna likes showing off her bod. There's no secret there. But, did she pose for Playboy? No...well, not yet at least. After the songstress... Read More

barack obama, Justin Bieber

The White House Finally Responds to That 'Deport Justin Bieber' Petition, Uses Him to Preach Immigration Issues

Apr 18th 2014 9:31PM

President Obama and his peeps are finally speaking out about that one world wide issue that's really bothering his fellow Americas...Justin Bieber.... Read More

leah calvert, teen mom 2

Corey Simms' Wife Posts Cryptic Tweets After Teen Mom 2 Bombshell

Apr 18th 2014 5:21PM

This season, on Teen Mom 2, we saw Leah Calvert and her ex-husband Corey Simms work together (with their new spouses) to co-parent Leah and Corey's... Read More

ariana grande

Ariana Grande Sexy 'Problem' Cover Art Kicks Off Countdown to New Song Featuring Iggy Azalea

Apr 18th 2014 5:20PM

Ariana Grande is counting down to her new single, "Problem," and while we're still trying to sort out why Ariana's song may be about ex-boyfriend Jai... Read More

maci bookout, teen mom

Maci Bookout Engaged? Reality Star Sports Giant Rock in New Instagram Photo

Apr 18th 2014 4:14PM

Did Maci Bookout's boyfriend Taylor McKinney (not to be confused with Lady Gaga's boyfriend, Taylor Kinney) finally pop the question? The couple has... Read More

emma stone, jennifer lawrence

Emma Stone Can't Stop Gushing Over Jennifer Lawrence

Apr 18th 2014 4:08PM

It's no secret Jennifer Lawrence is kinda amazing. She's won an Oscar, is super talented and still manages to be so down to earth that she can fall on... Read More

jeremy bieber, justin bieber

Another Reason Why Justin Bieber's Dad Is Pretty Much a Bigger D-Bag Than He Is

Apr 18th 2014 4:00PM

As if being a part of his son's DUI arrest wasn't douchebaggery at its finest, like his son, Jeremy Bieber has had some other pretty epic loser... Read More

leah calvert, teen mom, teen mom 2

Why Does Leah Calvert Have This Creepy Doll in Her House?

Apr 18th 2014 2:51PM

What the heck?! During the Teen Mom 2 season finale, fans understandably freaked out when they saw this creepy doll in Leah Calvert's house. ... Read More

coachella, justin bieber

5 Reasons We're Totally Over Coachella

Apr 18th 2014 2:45PM

Coachella is the music festival that just won't quit. Another weekend of desert douchebaggery debauchery is looming upon us yet again, but if we see another flower headpiece or Instagram of the... Read More


Kardashians Being Targeted by a Prankster?

Apr 18th 2014 1:48PM

Move over Todd Kraines (aka Scott Disick), the Kardashians are now being targeted by another, much more elaborate prankster and Kris Jenner isn't... Read More

kendra wilkinson, pregnancy

Very Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Flaunts Her Bikini Bod

Apr 18th 2014 12:29PM

Kendra Wilkinson isn't letting a baby bump stand in the way of a great pool day. The very pregnant reality star, who is due in May, was showing off... Read More

one direction

One Direction Send Flowers, Heartfelt Letter to Fan's Funeral

Apr 18th 2014 12:28PM

One Direction continue to show how thoughtful they are about their fans, this time sending flowers and a heartfelt letter to the family of a... Read More

adam levine, james franco, lindsay lohan, zac efron

Lindsay Lohan Admits Supposed Sex List Was Real, She's Slept With Zac Efron, James Franco, More

Apr 18th 2014 12:24PM

Remember that "sex list" that reportedly belonged to Lindsay Lohan, naming all the guys she's slept with, including Zac Efron, James Franco, Justin... Read More

one direction, one direction videos

One Direction 'You and I' Music Video Premiere: Watch, Swoon, Repeat.

Apr 18th 2014 11:02AM

Finally! The One Direction "You & I" music video premiere is here, after a week of those tiny teasing clips. And, as expected, it's everything.... Read More