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nick jonas

Nick Jonas Guesses Celeb Bulges in Hilarious New Video

Oct 22nd 2014 8:03PM

We have to hand it to Sugarscape for coming up with one of the best games ever. And to Nick Jonas for being such a good sport in this video - watch as... Read More

taylor swift

Taylor Swift Accidentally Releases Silence and It Tops iTunes' Chart

Oct 22nd 2014 7:18PM

Who says Canada is all about Justin Bieber? They REALLY love them some Taylor Swift. According to, "Track 3" from Tay's' new... Read More

harry styles, one direction

Harry Styles' Head on Taylor Swift's Body? Harry's Mom Reacts

Oct 22nd 2014 5:38PM

Why yes, Buzzfeed, we did notice your recent clever (and creepy) pics of Harry Styles' face transplanted onto pics of Taylor Swift. Guess who else... Read More

viral video

Little Girls Drop F-Bombs For Feminism: NSFW Video Stirs Up Controversy

Oct 22nd 2014 4:39PM

T-shirt maker sure knows how to get our attention. Check out their video of 'F-bombs for Feminism," where foul mouthed little girls dressed... Read More

chelsea houska, fitness, teen mom 2

Chelsea Houska Is Starting a Blog and We Can't Wait to Read It

Oct 22nd 2014 4:36PM

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has worked her butt off to get her body in shape. The reality star, who is looking better than ever, has been dieting... Read More

kris jenner, kylie jenner, tyga

Kris Jenner Says Kylie "Isn't Dating Anybody"

Oct 22nd 2014 3:45PM

Life was so much simpler when Khloe Kardashian was married and the Jenner girls were too young to date. Now, we're constantly being bombarded with... Read More

chelsea houska, teen mom 2

Teen Mom 2 Unseen Moments: Adam Lind Reveals Shocking Texts From Chelsea Houska

Oct 22nd 2014 3:20PM

Tonight, we will be completing our Teen Mom 2 Season 5 adventure. After two reunions, we're going to see the Unseen Moments and then we're just... Read More

dogs, instagram

Move Over, Boo! There Is Another Adorable Pomeranian on Instagram

Oct 22nd 2014 2:50PM

#DogsofInstagram, you now have a new leader. Meet Jiff the Pomeranian, who is quickly becoming one of the most popular dogs on the popular social... Read More

dance, iggy azalea

Iggy Azalea Does "The Gopher" During Minnesota Visit (WATCH)

Oct 22nd 2014 2:28PM

**FYI: Iggy's appearance is about 28 seconds in, after a dramatic gopher intro** Aren't we supposed to have some kind of alert system when a new... Read More

bruno mars, jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez Parties With Bruno Mars in Las Vegas

Oct 22nd 2014 2:09PM

It looks like Jennifer Lopez had a blast partying it up with Bruno Mars in Las Vegas (who knew those two were even friends?). The "Booty" crooner... Read More

khloe kardashian, lamar odom

Khloe Kardashian Can't Get Divorced Because Lamar Odom Is MIA

Oct 22nd 2014 1:56PM

Where in the world is Lamar Odom? His wife Khloe Kardashian is apparently clueless to his whereabouts as well. Although she filed for divorce... Read More

katy perry

Katy Perry Cancels Her Birthday Bash in Egypt

Oct 22nd 2014 1:43PM

Katy Perry has already started celebrating her birthday week and she already got her birthday wish of having a Shakey's sign give her a b-day... Read More

kim kardashian, selfies

Kim Kardashian Says Her Infamous Butt Selfie Was Empowering

Oct 22nd 2014 1:21PM

Kim Kardashian takes A LOT of selfies. Like, to the point where it could probably be considered a hobby. That being the case, one selfie that the... Read More

demi lovato, inspiration, selena gomez, taylor swift

Demi Lovato Talks Taylor Swift Friendship, Couples Halloween Costume With Wilmer Valderrama

Oct 22nd 2014 12:19PM

Demi Lovato is firmly on Team Taylor when it comes to Taylor Swift's recent reaction to getting slammed for writing songs about ex-boyfriends, which... Read More

ariana grande

Ariana Grande Cancels Spain Trip Over Ebola Fear?

Oct 22nd 2014 11:27AM

Has the threat of Ebola caused Ariana Grande to cancel her upcoming travel plans? Ariana was reportedly set for a visit to Spain for promotional stuff... Read More

kanye west, kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian's Officially "The Dopest", According to Kanye West and Her 13-Year-Old Self

Oct 22nd 2014 11:07AM

Kim Kardashian was born this way, baby. The E! reality star turned 34 yesterday and Entertainment Tonight dug up this gem of a home video from... Read More

gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani Debuts "Baby Don't Lie" Music Video: Watch!

Oct 22nd 2014 9:51AM

Gwen Stefani is back. In the midst of her Voice judging duties, the No Doubt rocker is getting back to her solo career with the release of her... Read More

kris jenner, selena gomez

Is Kris Jenner Really Selena Gomez's Manager Now?

Oct 22nd 2014 1:23AM

Are Selena Gomez and Kris Jenner more than friends? When the two ladies were spotted in pics together on Instagram a few weeks ago, rumors started to... Read More

ed sheeran, fearless

Ed Sheeran Fires Back at Festival Organizer Who Called Him Boring

Oct 22nd 2014 12:01AM

Ed Sheeran might be a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. Isle Of Wight Festival organizer John Giddings called our favorite ginger singer... Read More

kailyn lowry, teen mom 2

Kailyn Lowry's Next Project: A Children's Book

Oct 21st 2014 8:57PM

Kailyn Lowry is on fire! The reality star, and mother of two, has written a best-selling novel, gone on a book tour, sells candles and is currently... Read More

ariana grande

Ariana Grande Tries to Rap Nicki Minaj's 'Bang Bang' Verse

Oct 21st 2014 8:39PM

Ariana Grande is an amazing singer and a fantastic live performer. Rapping, however, may not be in her wheelhouse so much. Check out Ariana's "Bang... Read More

khloe kardashian, wiz khalifa

Are Khloe Kardashian and Wiz Khalifa Dating?

Oct 21st 2014 8:32PM

What in the world? There have been so many Khloe Kardashian dating rumors, it's hard to keep them all straight. Pretty much, every time she is in the... Read More

khloe kardashian, kourtney kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian Dresses Khloe Up As Minnie Mouse (PHOTO)

Oct 21st 2014 7:22PM

Kourtney Kardashian is super obsessed with all things Disney. It stands to reason given that she's got two kids who are of prime Disney-loving age and... Read More

harry styles, one direction

Harry Styles Is Looking For a Serious Girlfriend?

Oct 21st 2014 5:24PM

Harry Styles is reportedly looking for a "serious girlfriend." Well, that's according to a "source," anyway. The motivation for finding a... Read More

orlando bloom, selena gomez

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom Spotted at Airport Together

Oct 21st 2014 5:09PM

Justin Bieber might not want to read this. Selena Gomez was just spotted at LAX with his enemy Orlando Bloom. Totally trying to look incognito, Sel... Read More

jeremy calvert, leah calvert, teen mom 2

Is Jeremy Calvert Going to File for Divorce From Leah?

Oct 21st 2014 4:50PM

There has been some serious drama with Leah and Jeremy Calvert lately. Not only did Jeremy accuse Leah of cheating on him, but their families ended up... Read More

leah calvert, teen mom 2

Teen Mom 2 Unseen Moments: Jeremy Thinks Corey Stole His Shorts

Oct 21st 2014 4:33PM

MTV Shows There's still one last hurrah for this season of Teen Mom 2. We've already seen both halves of the reunion, so what could possibly be left... Read More

5 seconds of summer

5 Seconds of Summer's Ashton Irwin Gives Post-Surgery Update

Oct 21st 2014 4:01PM

5 Seconds of Summer's Ashton Irwin is recovering quite nicely from his recent appendicitis surgery, as he took to Twitter to give a health update. ... Read More

kendall jenner, khloe kardashian, kim kardashian, kris jenner

Kim Kardashian Turns 34 Today! How's She Celebrating?

Oct 21st 2014 3:15PM

Happy birthday Kim Kardashian! The E! reality star turns 34 today, and she's already getting lots of love on social media from family members... Read More

chelsea houska

Chelsea Houska's Boyfriend Is Hot AND Handy

Oct 21st 2014 2:54PM

Before anyone knew who Chelsea Houska's new guy actually was, there were rumors that she was dating someone famous. Turns out, her man (Cole... Read More