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miley cyrus

Why Did Miley Cyrus Just Post a Picture of This Singer's Pubic Hair?

Aug 1st 2014 8:53PM

Just when you thought Miley Cyrus couldn't possibly post a more outrageous picture online than she already has before...She posts a picture of a... Read More

taylor swift, taylor swift videos

Taylor Swift Surprises Everyone, Starts Dancing on Stage at Her Friend's Concert (WATCH)

Aug 1st 2014 6:55PM

What happens when you mix Taylor Swift, surprises and dancing? You get her boogying down in front of tons of Ingrid Michaelson fans at a recent show... Read More

harry styles

Harry Styles and Zach Braff Bromance Explained: Friends With Benefits!

Aug 1st 2014 3:33PM

Zach Braff was kissing and telling about Harry Styles during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live and it's pretty hilarious to hear him tell... Read More

jennifer lawrence, nicholas hoult, x men

Oh No! Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Split Again

Aug 1st 2014 3:31PM

Did Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult really make up just to break up again? Sniff, certainly seems that way. One of our favorite... Read More

justin bieber, orlando bloom

Stephen Colbert Explains the Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Brawl Like Only He Can (WATCH)

Aug 1st 2014 3:26PM

Who tells the Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom brawl story the best? Stephen Colbert, duh. The hilarious talk show host recently talked up the guys'... Read More

dolphins, kim kardashian, peta

PETA Slams Kim Kardashian for Swimming With Dolphins

Aug 1st 2014 2:45PM

Uh Kim Kardashian about to get flour-bombed again? Back in 2012, an animal activist dumped the white powder all over her while she was on the... Read More

chris brown, karrueche tran

Let's NOT Be Friends: Karrueche Tran Dumps Chris Brown, Changes Her Phone Number

Aug 1st 2014 2:30PM

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have been on again, off again, kind of on, kind of off...they've pretty much dominated the "It's complicated" space of... Read More

khloe kardashian, lamar odom, rob kardashian

Is Rob Kardashian Taking Khloe's Divorce Harder Than She Is?

Aug 1st 2014 1:48PM

Khloe Kardashian's split from Lamar Odom was a long time coming. Rumors of Lamar's drug use and infidelity had been flying for months before Khloe... Read More

adrienne bailon, khloe kardashian, kim kardashian, rob kardashian

Adrienne Bailon Defends Rob Kardashian Comments After Kim Calls Her Out

Aug 1st 2014 1:19PM

They broke up almost 5 years ago, but Adrienne Bailon just can't stop talking about her relationship with Rob Kardashian. First, she dissed Rob in a... Read More

lady gaga, natali germanotta

There Is Something Very Special About Lady Gaga's Harper's Bazaar Coat

Aug 1st 2014 12:35PM

A few short months ago, Lady Gaga was tweeting her excitement about her sister Natali Germanotta's upcoming graduation, because the Germanotta girls... Read More

christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera Naked for V Magazine: Check Out Her Beautiful Baby Bump!

Aug 1st 2014 12:04PM

Christina Aguilera takes it all off in the new issue of V magazine and we mean all. Off. And her pregnant baby bump takes center stage. Now there's a... Read More

avril lavigne, chad kroeger, rings

Happy Anniversary, Avril Lavigne! Singer Receives Massive Diamond Ring From Hubby Chad Kroeger

Aug 1st 2014 12:02PM

There are the traditional ways to say "Happy Anniversary," like flowers, a card, maybe dinner and a movie...and then there is the way Chad Kroeger... Read More

kim kardashian, north west

Kim Kardashian Flashes Back to Being 20 Pounds Lighter

Aug 1st 2014 11:21AM

We think Kim Kardashian looks great since giving birth to her daughter North West last year, but the E! reality star wants to lose more weight. In... Read More

ariana grande, justin bieber

Ariana Grande Explains Why Justin Bieber Duet "Didn't Really Get Done"

Aug 1st 2014 11:15AM

Hey, remember that time Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber teased a duet together? And then it never happened? Well, it seems Ariana has been asked about... Read More

liam payne, one direction

Liam Payne's Sexy Yacht Striptease Captured on Video: Watch Liam Strip and Dive!

Aug 1st 2014 10:03AM

Well, hello there, Liam Payne. Liam performs the sexiest (well, it's actually more hilarious than anything) of stripteases before diving into the... Read More

angelina jolie, brad pitt, couples

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Just Upped Their Cute Couple Factor...Again

Aug 1st 2014 6:00AM

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just need to stop. For the sake of relationships everywhere, they really do... When Angelina isn't accepting... Read More

keeping up with the kardashians, kim kardashian

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sneak Peek: Kim Drops a Big Bomb on Kris

Aug 1st 2014 5:00AM

Kim Kardashian is in full-on mommy mode now. The reality star actually turned down an awesome zip-lining adventure because she said decisions like... Read More

sam smith

5 Things to Know About Sam Smith

Jul 31st 2014 11:50PM

The music industry is buzzing about Sam Smith. The 22-year-old British soul singer/songwriter made waves (and history) when he released his debut... Read More


YouTube Star Pays Off Parents' $340,000 Mortgage, Films Their Reaction

Jul 31st 2014 11:30PM

YouTube star Timothy DeLaGhetto gave his parents the ultimate gift. The rapper and comedian, whose real name is Tim Chantarangsu, surprised his mom... Read More

michelle rodriguez, zac efron

Zac Efron Is Spending a Lot of Time With Michelle Rodriguez in Ibiza

Jul 31st 2014 9:03PM

All aboard! After getting spotted kissing in Sardinia, Zac Efron and his new rumored ladylove Michelle Rodriguez were spotted getting cozy on a... Read More

justin bieber, orlando bloom

Celebs Take Sides in the Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Fight

Jul 31st 2014 8:29PM

When you heard about the throwdown between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, whose side did you decide to be on? If you are on Team Bloom, don't worry,... Read More

justin bieber, orlando bloom

Petition Calls for 'National Orlando Bloom Day' After Justin Bieber Fight

Jul 31st 2014 6:47PM

Forget that kick-Justin-Bieber-out-of-America petition that went around a few months ago. There's a new petition landing on the White House's desk,... Read More

nick jonas

Nick Jonas 'Kingdom' Trailer: Nick Shows Off a Side We've Never Seen Before

Jul 31st 2014 5:32PM

It's finally here – watch the trailer for Nick Jonas' new series, Kingdom, coming to DirecTV in October. What can we say? It looks pretty... Read More

5 seconds of summer

5 Seconds of Summer 'Amnesia' Music Video Is Beyond Perfect

Jul 31st 2014 4:55PM

We are so in love with 5 Seconds of Summer's "Amnesia" music video, we're crying, screaming...repeat viewing. Check it out and let us know what you... Read More

justin bieber, orlando bloom, selena gomez

Selena Gomez Takes Herself Out of the Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber Drama, Slams Hookup Rumors

Jul 31st 2014 3:28PM

Miranda Kerr, who? Is Selena Gomez the real reason why Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom are fighting? There were reports a few months ago that... Read More

hunger games, lorde, mockingjay part 1

Lorde Handpicking Entire 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' Soundtrack

Jul 31st 2014 3:25PM

Lorde's summer job is way cooler than yours. The 17-year-old Grammy winner has been tapped to handpick the entire soundtrack for The Hunger... Read More

demi lovato, nick jonas

Nick Jonas Reveals Demi Lovato "Avalanche" Duet Details: "There's Always Music For Us Together"

Jul 31st 2014 2:55PM

Nick Jonas recently confirmed that he and Demi Lovato have recorded a duet and it'll be on his upcoming album (we're still breathing in a paper bag... Read More

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner Shows Off New $62,000 Car on Instagram

Jul 31st 2014 1:52PM

Most 16-year-olds are just happy to get their first car, but Kylie Jenner now has a second set of wheels. Before she even had her license, the... Read More

katy perry, video

Katy Perry Releases "This Is How We Do" Video (WATCH)

Jul 31st 2014 1:15PM

Katy Perry has finally released her video for "This Is How We Do" and it's...well, weird. It actually feels a little 2012 Lady Gaga-ish to us,... Read More

alicia keys, swizz beatz

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Are Expecting Their Second Child Together

Jul 31st 2014 12:42PM

Alicia Keys is pregnant again! The 33-year-old songstress is expecting her second child with her 35-year-old hubby Swizz Beatz, with the music... Read More