Ani & Kerri: Our Day at Cambio

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Last week, two lucky girls had the chance to spend the day at Cambio. Ani and Kerri got to spend the day at Cambio to see how we work and even meet a few celebrity guests we had in studio.... 000_011_319_cambiofan

Last week, two lucky girls had the chance to spend the day at Cambio. Ani and Kerri got to spend the day at Cambio to see how we work and even meet a few celebrity guests we had in studio. Check out their blogs about their day and some pictures. Thanks for coming in Ani & Kerri!

Ani's blog:

Today is Tuesday, June 21, 2011 and this day I go to Cambio with my friend Kerri Medders. We came here at 9:45 in the morning and went to the 3rd floor where the Cambio group is. Later Kerri and her mom came and we waited in the lobby, it was a nice lobby. Then a nice lady named Priya was the producer of Cambio and she took Kerri, my mom, Kerri's mom and I to her office and our moms were talking to Priya to get our exciting day started. We first watched the meeting they did in a room and talked about the schedule for the week. Then it was time to go down stairs on the 1st floor to see 2 studios. One was so echoey and one was a photo area slash a live chat room. We were about to watch a live interview with a women named Katie Cassidy from the new movie "Monte Carlo" coming in theater soon. I took a picture with her and one with Kerri. Then it was lunch time at 12:00pm.

We walked for a little bit so we can find a place to eat we finally found a place near the building and I ate was chow mein, fried rice, and orange chicken. It was really good and we ate near a cafe near the building. It was 1:31pm and we went to the 3rd floor and we went to see the social media department, news department, talent department, and editing department. It was really interesting and I learned so much from it. I liked how nice the people were that worked there. They spent a lot of time explaining things to us.

We went to see a real live chat with the boys from "Pretty Little Liars". Me and Kerri took some pictures with them and it was time to go. I really did not want to go but it was the end of the day and time to say goodbye. They gave us a big goody bag filled with autographs, books, t-shirts, and rubber braclets. I loved them all and I'm going to wear the t-shirt forever and I will always be a cambio fan. I will be back one day and maybe my new friend Lisa will interview me!! And we look like each other. Thank you Cambio


Kerri's blog:

My Day at the Cambio Office!

I was very excited about going to hang out at the Cambio Office and the anticipation of who we would meet and what we would do for the day was very exciting. As I walked through the doors I was greeted with warm smiling faces. Ani and I met Priya and she took us and introduced us to all the many different departments...then we sat down with the producers and staff for the morning meeting to talk about the events of the week ahead. Just like we belonged there and rang the bell a few times during the meeting.

In the morning we got to meet Katie Cassidy and watch her interview while in the studio. Katie is starring in the movie "Monte Carlo." After that we watched the editing process for the interview and to be able to view the finished product is going to be really cool. Then off to the social media /news department which it is a small space but it has a great impact to keep the viewers of Cambio in the know! Thanks Lisa and Tyler for answering my questions! Tyler even took a picture of Ani and I and posted it on Facebook! Then we chatted with the talent department and how the process of booking the talent works. It's very interesting!

Then it was time to watch the live chat with Ian Harding, Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn, the guys from "Pretty Little Liars." I even twittered a question during the chat to see how it worked. I had an awesome time learning the media side of the entertainment industry. Big Thanks: Cambio for letting me hangout with you and for my Cambio bag full of great stuff (Goody Bag)! As I left the office I had one thing left to do.......Ring the bell! I hope to see you in the future maybe I will be the one being interviewed! Peace and Blessings, Kerri Medders


Kerri & Ani are also up-and-coming singers. Check out Kerri's latest song/music video and a video of Ani singing the National Anthem below. Thanks again for coming in girls! We hope to see you again soon!


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