EXCLUSIVE: Cambio Reporter For A Day Vanessa's Taylor Swift Concert Tour Diary (Video)

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a Cambio reporter for a day? This weekend, Vanessa was lucky enough to get that chance! Vanessa was the winner of our Taylor Swift ticket giveaway, and she won two 2nd... 000_012_893_vanessa_tswift083011-001

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a Cambio reporter for a day? This weekend, Vanessa was lucky enough to get that chance!

Vanessa was the winner of our Taylor Swift ticket giveaway, and she won two 2nd row tickets to the Speak Now tour at the Staples Center on Saturday and the chance to document her experience.

Vanessa was so excited to go to the show, it was her first time seeing Taylor live! It turns out she had been trying to get tickets for months but they were sold out. She wrote on her tumblr before the show, "This is possibly the greatest way to end Summer! AHH."

Vanessa shared the experience with her cousin Fabiola and judging from the video diary and their tweets, they had a blast! Here's what Vanessa had to say about her experience:

The craziness all began the moment I opened a message from my cousin Fabiola, informing Cambio was holding a Twitter contest to win Taylor Swift tickets. I jumped at the opportunity. I started brainstorming ideas for tweets and began sending them from my phone; constantly checking the results of the hashtag search.

Before the phone call I had been staring blankly at my Twitter time line, anxiously waiting for the winner to be announced, at the same time I was tweeting and messaging with Fabiola telling her how I was nervous and scared we probably wouldn't win, since we hardly ever win contests.

Immediately after receiving the phone call from Cambio I knew I had to call Fabiola to tell her we had won. That's when I lost it. On the phone with Fabiola, I began freaking out, I even did a little happy dance around my kitchen.

The morning of the show I woke up early, being that I was extremely excited for my first ever Taylor Swift concert! I have been a fan of Taylor's since the very beginning, "Tim McGraw" is one of my all time favorite songs. Taylor's music has been something I've turned to when things weren't going to good in my life, either in high school or even now in college. There's a song for almost everything; when things have gone bad I've always turned to music and writing. I've always had a thing about listening to great story-telling songs to inspire my stories. The novel I'm working on has these two intertwining love stories that I've worked on as I listen to songs like "Love Story," "Fearless," and "Speak Now." Her music has helped me so much that I will forever be grateful to her.

The time soon came to begin getting ready for the show, I had to get lunch then change and what not. Fabiola picked me up and we went to the local Metro Station, our handy ride to concerts or any other events. On our commute there, there was a slight detour which lead us to miss our stop so we had to walk back from the Metro Station on Figueroa to LA Live. We headed to Starbucks for drink to cool us off from the LA heat. There we waited for Tyler to give us our tickets & the flip camera.

Soon after we began documenting our night; after about eight takes of my intro we finally got it done. Walking in to Staples Center had never filled me with more excitement, I'm fan-girled the whole time. Fabiola and I bought a Speak Now bracelet and did some more shooting of us walking to our seats.

Our seats were incredible; having second row tickets so close to the stage made the experience more thrilling. After the opening acts my excitement grew, I was fidgety and nervous for some reason. The moment the lights dimmed and Taylor hit the stage, is when it finally got to me; I was at a Taylor Swift concert! A show I've been wanting to see all year and a performer I've dreamed of seeing since 2006 when I first heard her music. I had heard and read that her Speak Now Tour was a great show, having the chance to see it was so phenomenal; and being able to share it with Fabiola made it all the better. The tweeting for hours to win was worth it knowing I had seen one of my role models and giving my cousin the chance to see one of her favorite singers live.

Saturday was one of the greatest nights of my life. Taylor Swift's performance surpassed all I could have imagined, by far one of the greatest concerts I have ever been to; if I could relive that night again I would. I am so thankful to Cambio for the opportunity.

We are so happy we were able to be a part of an unforgettable night for Vanessa & Fabiola. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Check out the great photos Fabiola also shared with us. For even more on Taylor's shows at the Staples Center, go here.


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