Claude Kelly Discusses Joe Jonas Solo Project & Britney Spears

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You may not know Claude Kelly's name, but we bet you know his songs. The songwriter is the mastermind behind chart toppers including Kelly Clarkson's ';My Life Would Suck Without You,' Jason Derulo's ';In My... 000_008_669_claude

You may not know Claude Kelly's name, but we bet you know his songs.

The songwriter is the mastermind behind chart toppers including Kelly Clarkson's ';My Life Would Suck Without You,' Jason Derulo's ';In My Head' and Adam Lambert's ';For Your Entertainment.' Kelly also co-wrote one of 2009's summer hits, ';Party in the U.S.A.' with UK pop and R&B breakout Jessie J.

Claude has been working with some great stars lately including Britney Spears and Joe Jonas. Check out some inserts from his interview with AOL Music below.

Also check out our videos with Claude on Cambio.

You co-wrote ';Gasoline' for Britney Spears' new record, ';Femme Fatale.' Since you worked with her in the past, what was it like working on the new album?

In some ways it's harder because now that I've written [2008's] ';Circus' with her, I have a legacy to live up to. I'm really hard on myself to write something that's good. I put a lot of pressure on myself. But for what its worth, I'm a huge Britney fan, and I'm always trying to make music I would like if I heard it. I wrote the song in New York, and Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco produced the track. And you never know because there are a lot of people who work around Britney, and she's a pretty big machine. You never know what they will like and what they won't like, and I'm grateful that they like it. And when Britney recorded it, she did a great job.

';Hold My Hand' was a song you wrote for Akon and featured Michael Jackson. What was that songwriting experience like?

I didn't know that Michael Jackson was going to sing on it when I wrote it. It was actually special for me because I was supposed to write that song for Whitney Houston. And she, along with Michael Jackson, is one of my favorite artists of all time. So I went into it thinking I was writing a song for Whitney Houston. I already did a few songs for her already so I felt comfortable. But had I known it was for Michael Jackson, I probably wouldn't have delivered and fooled over the pressure on me. But Akon loved it and recorded it. He got to work with Michael and play it for him and Michael got on. I wasn't even there. But I'm kind of glad it happened that way because if I had known it would have been a different song. Unfortunately he's gone, but it doesn't change the fact he loved a song I wrote. It kind of blows my mind.

What do you think makes the perfect song?

For me it's all about lyrics and melody and storytelling. I like a song that kind of takes you on a journey that start low then brings you up in the middle then peaks and comes back down. I love storytelling. My favorite artists are storytellers. Michael Jackson is a storyteller. Billy Joel, who I love, is a storyteller. A song that takes you away from where you are and puts you in their place.

You were in the studio with Joe Jonas recently. Can you talk about what you two have been working on?

He's obviously working on a solo album. And I went into the studio with him and DJ Hans. And our goal was to write singles. We did two up-tempo records, and my goal with him was to push him vocally and show the world that there's a voice there that they never heard before. Because you know when you're in a group, there isn't much a distinction because there's two other guys; his brothers; that were part of Jonas Brothers. So I really wanted to make some kind of thing where people would say, "Holy s--, he could really sing."

The chorus on one of them is really high and really shows that he could hit those notes and really control them. The lyrics are a little edgier, a little sexier. Everything is up-tempo, dark and fun, and he's selling it. He's really coming into that male sex symbol star that we're really missing right now. Obviously Usher is a big sex symbol and so is Justin Timberlake, but there hasn't been a new sex symbol that the girls scream over in a while. And I think he encompasses that a lot.

Are you excited for Joe's solo album?


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