Cory Monteith Opens Up About Troubled Past, Love & Marraige

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Cory Monteith is best known for high school football star turned singer on Fox's hit show "Glee." He can also be seen in Monte Carlo alongside Selena Gomez & Katie Cassidy. Cory covers this weekend's issue of Parade where... 000_011_210_coryparade000

Cory Monteith is best known for high school football star turned singer on Fox's hit show "Glee." He can also be seen in Monte Carlo alongside Selena Gomez & Katie Cassidy.

Cory covers this weekend's issue of Parade where the 29-year-old opens up about his troubled past in depth.

In an excerpt via People, Cory shared "I'm lucky on so many counts – I'm lucky to be alive."

By the age of 16, Cory was "out of control" and turned to drugs."Anything and everything," he says, "as much as possible. I had a serious problem."

He did a stint in rehab but that didn't seem to help. It wasn't until he stole a large amount of money from a family member that he realized he needed help. Admitting to the incident he recalls as "the first honorable, truthful thing that had come out of my mouth in years."

He adds: "I don't want kids to think it's okay to drop out of school and get high, and they'll be famous actors, too … But for those people who might give up: Get real about what you want and go after it."

Check out a few more excerpts from Cory's interview and pick up the full interview in Parade this weekend.

On being a teen heartthrob:
"How does that even happen? If I could've looked onto this moment [from the past] I don't think I could have fathomed it. I think my head would have exploded-literally exploded."

On his handyman skills:
"I reprogrammed a bunch of garage openers. I took out a whole fireplace and put in broken glass and installed a burner underneath, so it looks like fire on ice. I did that in my bedroom suite. I'm pretty handy."

On going out on the town:
"I'll go out, but I leave early, before the shenanigans. I don't really do the Hollywood party thing. I'd rather watch sports or play videogames or work out or sleep, to be totally honest."

On dating:
"I like the idea of dating, but I'm not dating anyone exclusively, particularly right now. It's hard to be in a relationship unless you're ready to go public with it. So it's a lot easier for me to not be in a relationship. I really don't want that part of my life to be tabloid fodder. Not my style. And then there's the flying around everywhere, which makes it hard. I'm pretty focused on my career, and if it comes down to hanging out with somebody or learning my lines, it's gonna be learning my lines.

"But I really like dating-it's a lot of fun. Delicious food and a frank conversation, that's my idea of a good time. I like to keep it real."

On marriage and having kids:
"I think every girl wants their boyfriend to chase them all the way to Paris after they have a fight [like his character in the new film Monte Carlo does]. And a lot of guys want to be that guy. I really hope that I get to be that kind of guy one day. I want to get married and have children and live happily ever after. That's important to me-I'd love to have kids one day. Just not now or in the near future."

On the possibility of making a solo record:
"I have a solo deal with Columbia Records. So it's about, do I want to release an album, when can we do it, what kind of album should it be, how should it be released and marketed, and what's the right timing? Do I have the time to do it? It's all about questions.

"I could see myself making records but it has to be right, it has to be organic. I feel like there's a lot of fear [from others]-like I need to act quickly because my window of opportunity is so limited. I've definitely been informed how lucrative it could be, because we have an audience. But I don't want to do it just because I have the opportunity. I think if you show up and you work hard and you're straightforward, you can always create your own opportunities. I hope I'm right."



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