Demi Lovato Opens Up About "Skyscraper"

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Recording new single"Skyscraper" made Demi Lovato realize it was time to get help for ongoing depression and eating disorder issues – because the lyrics detailed her personal problems.

The singer/actress insists only her closest friends and family members knew of her struggles and she was even convincing them that all was well – and then she hit the studio to record what is now her comeback single.

In a candid radio interview with Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest, which aired on Tuesday, Lovato said, "I heard the song before anything had happened and I was just gravitated towards it. I was like, ';I have to record this… I'm obsessed with it.'

"I went into the studio to record it… and I sat there… and I just cried my eyes out. I was, like, doubled over with emotion. It was crazy… and we finished the song and I went through everything and I tried to re-record it but it didn't have the same emotion."

She added, "Hopefully, what this song does for my fans… it tells them it's gonna be OK. Now I have a clearer view, a better perspective."

Demi's song is currently the #1 song on iTunes and many of her famous pals including Kim Kardashian, Pete Wentz, and Kelly Clarkson have been tweeting about her song. Congrats Demi! Don't forget to see the premiere of the music video on E! News tonight at 8pm EST.

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