EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Stanton Discusses Her Show "Great Big World," Jake T Austin & More (Video)

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Elizabeth Stanton has traveled the world with friends like Chelsea Kane, Jake T Austin, and Jimmy Bennett, and lucky for us, her adventures have been documented in her new show, "Elizabeth Stanton's Great Big World."

Elizabeth and her friends travel the world experiencing new cultures while also lending a helping hand to the communities. She told us one of her favorite experiences was in Vietnam where she was joined by Kyle and Chris Massey. The trio helped fit children with hearing aids and got to watch them experience hearing for the first time. So special!

Check out our exclusive interview with Elizabeth as she tells us all about the show, recalls a funny memory about Jake T Austin, and tells us which celebrity she's worked with is her favorite.

Make sure to follow Liz on twitter, @lizmstanton, and check out elizabethstantontv.com. "Elizabeth Stanton's Great Big World" premieres this week. Check elizabethstantontv.com for date and time.

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