EXCLUSIVE: Jennette Mccurdy's "iparty with Victorious" Rap (Video)

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Jennette McCurdy is excited for "iParty with Victorious" to premiere on Nickelodeon tonight.

We had a chance to preview the episode early at the premiere party and we love it. One of our favorite scenes is when Jennette's character Sam has a rap battle with an interesting opponent. We had no idea that Jennette rapped so we made her come up with one off the top of her head at the premiere.

Check out the video to hear her rap. She told us she also often thinks of rap names. Some of her ideas: "JMac, JMac and the Powdered Wigs, JMac and the Turn Tables, or JMac and the Dysfunctionals."

"iParty with Victorious" premieres tonight on Nickelodeon at 8pm EST. Make sure to tune in!

(Photo: Getty Images)

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