EXCLUSIVE: Stevie Nicks: "I'm Never Making Another Record Unless It's As Fun As the One I Just Made" (Video)

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Stevie Nicks definitely knows a thing or two about the music business and making a hit record. She released her latest album, In Your Dreams, a few months ago and according to her, it was one of the most fun records she's ever done.

So how is this album different from her others? "It's different because Dave Stewart came into my life," she told us exclusively. "He created a magical world in my house where we could play like kids in a sandbox and just create beautiful things."

So one of the main keys to a successful album is having fun making it. "This is what it means to have a job that is not work," she continued. "There were times, the making of Rumors, in comparison. A fantastic record, beautiful songs, but it was very hard, it was not fun."

"I told Lindsey, I'm never making another record that isn't as much fun as the record I just made with Dave Stewart, so mark that on your calendar."

Wise words from a music legend. If you missed the other portions of our interview with Stevie, check them out below.

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