Is Rachel Bilson the Next Martha Stewart?

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Actress-turned-designer Rachel Bilson is expanding her business empire with a line of porcelain dinnerware.

The former "The O.C." star has launched her vintage-inspired range, Edie Rose Home, following the debut of her clothing line with DKNY Jeans in 2008. And the brunette beauty hopes her tabletop collection, which includes butter dishes, teapots and place settings, will be a hit.

She tells C Magazine, "To stick with fashion, that would be a little bit more predictable. But there's no one in my demographic, or really any ';celebrity' who has a similar aesthetic as me, who's doing home or tabletop design.

"I'm sort of obsessed with dishes. I'm always cooking and baking at home, and I hate going out. I'd love to do bedding, too."

(Photo: Getty Images for Burberry)

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