PREVIEW: Chloe Bridges Has the "Worst Prom Ever"

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Chloe Bridges gets put behind bars in this new teaser for her upcoming MTV movie "Worst Prom Ever."

Synopsis: Prom. It's supposed to be the best night of your life, one last enchanted evening before leaving high school behind. But for Heather, Neve and Clark, their last dance is about to become a disaster as they all get dumped by their dates in various humiliating ways. The three end up on a mission to take back their night and wind up on an after-hours adventure through their suburban town bringing them face to face with their exes, a drunken limo driver, the local drug dealer, the cops, and a totally unhinged pizzeria mascot. Three seniors. One Limo. Worst. Prom. Ever.

The movie also stars Daryl Sabara and Haley Ramm. "Worst Prom Ever" premieres on MTV on May 10 at 10pm EST.

Are you excited for your prom?

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