Thirstbusters Premiere "Good Things" Music Video

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The Thirstbusters are back with a brand new video and we have the world premiere!

The guys shared with us about the song "Good Things," "When you move on, it's always tough leaving love behind. Wandering somewhere between nostalgia and excitement, part of you is still stuck in the past, but it's good to know the good things are comin."

Check out some other fun facts about the video as well as all our other Thirstbusters here.

Watch the music video here.

Fun Facts:

-The entire video was shot on a Flip cam, using only natural light.

-Ryan wrote the song about how hard it is going to a different place and
leaving behind someone you really care about."

-Actress, Arianna Afsar is a famous beauty queen. Literally.

-Arianna Afsar met Forrest in the music department at UCLA.

-Arianna met Ryan minutes before shooting the romantic scenes where they
cook dinner, eat by candlelight, and watch TV on the couch.

-In the shot where Ryan and Arianna laugh at the TV, they are really
laughing at Forrest, who tripped and fell down, off camera.

-In the spirit of the video's "indy film" feeling, director Monique Sorgen
acted as the only crew member. Except for one shot…

-The one shot which Monique did not shoot is the one where Ryan and Arianna
fight in the ocean. Ryan and Forrest's house-mate, Nate, held the Flip cam
for that shot because Monique was too cold to go in the water… And Nate
had his swim trunks with him.

-Nate, the house-mate, is featured as an extra in 3 shots in the video.

-The sunny Los Angeles weather seen in the flashbacks were all shot in the
middle of February.

-The house where the band jams out together belongs to the judge who
presided over Zach's parents' wedding.

-Chase plays the vibraphone in the song, but not in the video. A
vibraphone is like a very fancy, elaborate, jazz xylophone. Chase is an
expert vibraphonist.

-The girl who the song is about, picked Ryan and Monique up at the train
station because there were no more trains going back the other way.

-Ryan and Monique missed the early train due to a long line to buy tickets,
but once they were on the train, nobody ever asked to see the tickets.

-To shoot on the bus, Ryan and Monique rode the free parking lot shuttles
at the airport.

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