Trevor Donovan to Exit "90210"

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The CW is shaking things up on their shows. They announced that Jessica Szhor and Taylor Momsen would no longer be regulars on "Gossip Girl" and it looks like Trevor Donovan is getting cut from "90210."

Sources confirm to TVLine at Trevor, who plays gay athlete Teddy, will not be returning to The CW soap as a series regular for Season 4. You will get to see some of him next season though. A 90210 insider says Donovan will appear as a guest star in roughly five episodes this fall.

"I look back on getting this real-life story line as a blessing," Donovan told TVLine in a statement. "To be able to simultaneously take on a challenging role and bring awareness to a relevant social issue was a win-win for me. I'm looking forward to what opportunities and adventures lie ahead."

Trevor also took to his twitter to address the matter. "Before everyone gets all upset, I'll be back as a guest star for a handful of shows. Look at it this way…we got a chance to bring to the forefront an epic storyline, that helped and entertained, I got to meet all of you…and you get come along with me where ever I go next.. It's not over…'s new beginning!!! Thanks for the support….you guys are the best ever… Love you DONunts :-)"

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