Exclusive: Live Chat With will.i.am Friday About Science Special Featuring Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & More

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Great news for all you geeks, will.i.am will be chatting LIVE on Cambio this FRIDAY at 4PM EST/1PM PST all about his TV special ';i.am FIRST: Science is Rock and Roll', which encourages teens to think of engineers (sometimes called geeks) as the real rock stars in today's celeb-obsessed culture.

"Geeks and nerds are the coolest people on the planet," he says. "You dig in your pocket right now an get your iPod, your BlackBerry… that wasn't made by nobody from the Rolling Stones. That little rock-and-roll piece of gear/gadget you got in your pocket was made by geeks."

And he's recruited actual rock stars to prove his point during the hour-long special including Bono, Steven Tyler, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Miranda Cosgrove, Willow Smith and Justin Bieber.

"I think what you guys do is just as cool as what we do in music," Justin says in a video message to the students competing in the 20th annual FIRST robotics championships, also featured on the show.

"Most kids are not dreaming of being programmers, scientists or engineers," Will.i.am blogged on Saturday. "The ones that are, do not get the spotlight or attention. Instead, they are looked at as geeks or uncool, when in actuality technology is the only thing that is cool today."

will.i.am will be responding to tweets and messages via his iPad from Los Angeles. Have a question about what devices and apps he's into? Or are you interested in building robots or becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg? Make sure to tweet your questions using #iamFIRSTchat starting now and continuing through the chat.

"[The show] will entertain as well as get viewers excited about robots," said Dean Kamen, Segway inventor and the show's co-producer. "Find out just how cool technology can be as the top robot teams face off in competition."

Remember to watch ';i.am FIRST: Science is Rock and Roll' airs on ABC on Sunday, August 14th. And be sure to catch the live chat here on Cambio on Friday, August 12th at 4PM EST/1PM PST. Tweet your questions for will.i.am starting now and continuing through the chat using #iamFIRSTchat or leave a comment below.

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