What Horror Movie Monster Are You?

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Everybody has a little bit of a monster in them. But what flavor of nasty do you get? How do your friends see your darker side? Take this Halloween quiz and find out!

Your friends are planning a crazy surprise party for you. You …

Let them! Having such creative friends makes you look great
Hope they can plan it around out whatever mood you’re in that day
Surprise THEM by showing up while they’re decorating
Make them nervous by showing up late
Stock up on booze in case the punch isn’t strong enough
Don’t show up. Don’t they know that this is the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide?

A longtime crush texts you out of nowhere. You …

Indulge in a 10-hour marathon of intellectual discussion on poetry, hubris, death, Warhol and extinct species of birds
Pretend to somebody else just to see if your crush can handle it
Send a seductive photo of yourself precisely every 90 minutes
Compliment your crush and simply enjoy the conversation. It’s the best way to look good yourself
Well, what does he want? A chat? A sandwich? What?
Wait a day until texting back. You’re busy. Or not

A teacher gives you a C on a paper you spent two weeks on. You …

Start a fake profile about him on Instagram and fill it with photos of nose hair
Brood for another two weeks, but look good doing it
Disappear until you’re over it
I don’t know. What was the paper about? Do I even care?
Pull an all-nighter improving the paper. If that doesn’t work, burn an effigy of him to the ground
Say nothing, then shock the teacher by making the next paper a total masterpiece

You get an unexpected windfall and decide to indulge. You buy …

A trip to a place where you are completely unavailable, thank you
A different lipstick color for each of the next seven days
Lingerie and a black candle with a scent that your mom hates
A vintage velvet jacket that somebody died in
A new hair color that definitely does not fall under blonde, brunette or redhead
An overdue prezzie for your best friend. Your gifting skills are the stuff of Oprah-like legend

You get a message from your best friend. It says …

What kind of movie are we seeing tonight—horror, romance or comedy?
Don’t worry. We’ll raise the bail money somehow
If I don’t hear from you in three seconds, I’m filing a missing persons report
I hear somebody’s running around the building naked. Please put some clothes on
My sister is really sorry for stealing credit for the cupcakes. Please tell me you have keys for these handcuffs
I saw your new art project and it’s nice, but … is that blood!??!

Your license plate says …

Loading Your Personality
What Horror Movie Monster Are You?
"Frankenstein’s monster"
You are many different people, the most complex member of your group of friends. You hate to be labeled. In fact, the mere fact that a quiz writer is trying to pin you down makes you angry enough to want to crush someone’s head. You prefer soul-mates to the dating game, and take any insult very, very personally. You are not to be trifled with.
What Horror Movie Monster Are You?
Maybe you’re a little old-fashioned - especially when it comes to taking credit or selling yourself. You prefer to stay under wraps and let your work do the talking for you. But if someone steals credit from you, your old-school taste for curses and revenge kicks in. You’re slow to get to that level of anger, but once you’re there, watch out, world.
What Horror Movie Monster Are You?
You’re trouble, and you love that you’re trouble. You often serve as the sacrificial lamb when your group of friends gets in hot water, but retribution tends to be your specialty, so it’s all good. If your friends ever need backup in a dispute, or an idea for retaliation during a flame war, you are so there.
What Horror Movie Monster Are You?
Unpredictable is your middle name. You often surprise your friends with your daring picks for a night out or a new outfit. You relish the art of surprise, even shock. Of course that means that you occasionally leave good friends stunned or alienated, but your charms always bring them back the next morning.
What Horror Movie Monster Are You?
You tend to suck the life out of a room. Then again, you tend to attract extremely sexy people who inexplicably love your taste for drama. A day without a breakup, fight or accident just isn’t a real day for you. People love the way you brood.
What Horror Movie Monster Are You?
Intriguing, exciting and hard to track down, you exude an aura of mystery wherever you go. You tend to disappear just when someone needs you, but all that does is make people more determined to understand you. Your motives tend to be a little transparent, but that’s your only real weakness.
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