21 And Over

21 And Over
21 and Over is a 2013 comedy movie starring Justin Chon, Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, and Sarah Wright. The film follows the adventures of two friends taking a third pal out for a wild night on his 21st birthday.
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5 Things to Know About Sarah Wright From '21 and Over'

Jun 18th 2013 12:01PM

While chatting with Sarah Wright about the Blu-Ray DVD release of her new film '21 and Over,' we found out five fascinating things...... Read More

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'21 and Over' Cast Spills On-Set Secrets: Who Got Hit With A Golf Cart?

Feb 27th 2013 6:23PM

The cast shares what their favorite scenes were to shoot and who got hurt during filming... Read More

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'21 and Over' Cast Talk About Their Worst Hangovers Ever (EXCLUSIVE!)

Feb 23rd 2013 1:20PM

LOL! They gave partying advice too!... Read More

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'21 and Over' Cast Shares Beer Pong Tips and Hangover Cures!

Feb 21st 2013 6:06PM

What's the best hangover cure you've heard of?... Read More

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'21 and Over' Trailer: A Birthday Brew From the Guys Behind 'The Hangover'

Jan 17th 2013 3:56PM

Just how memorable did Jeff Chang make his twenty-first birthday?... Read More