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Santa's on the Naughty List and Brad Pitt's Pretty Bad Too! (MOVIE TRAILER MADNESS!)

Nov 29th 2012 12:15PM

Want to check out a movie this weekend? Watch this first! ...... Read More

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Say What?! Brad Pitt Reveals His Bizarre Phobia

Sep 30th 2011 3:05PM

Brad Pitt may be one of the biggest stars in the world, but that doesn't mean he isn't scared of things. In fact, he has a bizarre phobia... Read More

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Brad Pitt Professes His Love for 'Moneyball' Co-Star Jonah Hill

Sep 19th 2011 6:15PM

Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt are starring in the new sports flick 'Moneyball,' and in their latest Unscripted interview, the funny guys not only... Read More