Glee is a musical comedy/drama TV series that first aired in 2009. The show follows the storylines of the New Directions glee club students. The plotlines involved a core group who eventually graduated high school, introducing a new set of students while continuing to follow the graduates’ stories.
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Naya Rivera and Big Sean Call Off Engagement Following Cheating Rumors

Apr 9th 2014 7:26PM

Naya Rivera and Big Sean have called off their engagement, following on the heels of cheating rumors. Well, that was fast. Didn't they just start... Read More

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Naya Rivera Unrecognizable in Da Man Magazine: Plastic Surgery Rumors Fly

Apr 9th 2014 5:08PM

Is it just us, or is Naya Rivera getting more unrecognizable these days? Following buzz that she's been looking a lot like Kim Kardashian and possibly... Read More

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Naya Rivera Looks Like Kim Kardashian in New Side Boob Selfie

Mar 24th 2014 5:02PM

Well, holy doppelganger. We had to do a double take (triple, maybe even) when we saw this selfie pic of Naya Rivera. Is she looking like anyone else... Read More

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Naya Rivera Boob Job? Rumors Swirl Following Instagram Bikini Pic

Mar 18th 2014 8:12PM

Naya Rivera posted a pic of herself in a bikini on Instagram...and the boob job rumors took off. Because, we mean...yeah, the proof is in the pudding... Read More

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Charice Looks Nothing Like She Did on 'Glee' Now--See the Pic!

Mar 6th 2014 4:12PM

Wow! Is that you Charice? Following her Glee stint, the singer has been changing up her look, playing with colors and hairstyles, but now she looks... Read More

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Lea Michele Shares Sexy V Magazine Pics, Sheds "Grandma" Image

Feb 26th 2014 7:47PM

Lea Michele is showing plenty of skin in some racy new pics taken by Terry Richardson for V magazine. Lea poses seductively in one shot, tugging... Read More

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Cory Monteith's Name Misspelled During Grammys Tribute

Jan 27th 2014 10:29AM

During a portion of the awards show where musicians who had passed were remembered, the Glee actor's last name was spelled incorrectly... Read More


Did 'Glee' Just Ruin the Entire Show? Fans Are Divided Over Huge Change Ahead

Jan 14th 2014 1:03PM

Glee has some big changes ahead, with the show to shift entirely to New York City. What does that mean for the remainder of season five and the... Read More

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Naya Rivera Debuts New Blonde Locks at People's Choice Awards

Jan 8th 2014 10:47PM

Naya Rivera is kicking off the new year with a new look. Do you like the blonde 'do she rocked at the People's Choice Awards?... Read More

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Lea Michele Talks Cory Monteith on Ellen: "He Was the Greatest Man"

Dec 12th 2013 10:07AM

Watch Lea Michele on Ellen DeGeneres, where she talks about life after boyfriend Cory Monteith's death, plus her performance of "Cannonball."... Read More

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Lea Michele Found Strength in Music to Get Through "Worst Year"

Dec 11th 2013 6:17PM

Lea Michele talks about how she's dealt with "the worst year" of her life, including help from a famous friend--Stevie Nicks. Lea has also found... Read More

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Lea Michele Reveals Debut Album Cover, Track List

Dec 10th 2013 5:47PM

The Glee starlet debuts the cover of her very album Louder as well as the complete track, where she'll perform "Cannonball" for the... Read More


'Glee' Preview: A Very Merry Unaired Christmas

Dec 4th 2013 10:43AM

Check out what happens this week on Glee's "Previously Unaired Christmas." It is the mid-season finale so its going to be good. Sadly, 'Glee' won't be... Read More


'Glee' 100th Episode: Original Cast Invited, See Who's Coming to the Reunion!

Dec 3rd 2013 9:10PM

Glee's 100th episode is a huge milestone and is looking promising, with a reunion of the original cast members planned! Find out who will be back... Read More

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Lea Michele Unveils Debut Single "Cannonball" Cover Art, Album Title

Nov 28th 2013 10:28AM

The Glee starlet announces her debut single "Cannonball" and unveils the cover art, plus the title of her very first album, Louder, on her Twitter... Read More


Sneak 'Glee'-view: Puppet Week! Plus, the Secret Behind Sue's Tracksuits

Nov 27th 2013 12:48AM

Check out a very special and weird 'Glee' episode called "Puppet Master" on Thanksgiving. This week, all of your favorite gleeks are puppets! Oh, and... Read More


Glee-Cap: Couples Alert! Is Rachel Falling for Sam?

Nov 25th 2013 7:57AM

Is Rachel falling for Sam? Does Sam want to be a male model? Has Marley moved on from Jake with Ryder? Le'ts recap what happened this week on Glee's... Read More

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Tyra Banks Moves In on 'Glee' as Model Agency Owner "Bichette"

Nov 21st 2013 8:10PM

Tyra Banks guest stars on 'Glee' this week as the fierce owner of a modeling agency in NYC, while the rest of the Gleeks back in Lima pay homage to... Read More