AshleyGreene, KellanLutz

Kellan Lutz Crushing on Ashley Greene? Only in 'Warrior'

Jul 22nd 2010 7:57PM

If we could pick any two co-stars to start dating in real life, hands down it'd be Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. Sure, it's pretty obvious he's... Read More

BooBooStewart, KellanLutz

Kellan Lutz and Boo Boo Stewart to Attend the Do Something Awards

Jul 15th 2010 6:21PM

In May, we told you that Glee's Jane Lynch will be hosting the 2010 Do Something Awards, and now we've got some more exciting news. Eclipse stars... Read More

AshleyGreene, KellanLutz

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz Close 'Breaking Dawn' Deal

May 20th 2010 10:28AM

There won't be any revamping necessary for Breaking Dawn. The whole Cullen clan -- including Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Jackson... Read More

AshleyGreene, KellanLutz

Are Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene The Reason 'Breaking Dawn's' Not Two Movies...Yet?

May 18th 2010 11:11AM

Last Thursday, JSYK hung out in New York City with Nancy Kirkpatrick, president of worldwide marketing at Summit. While attending the "What Teens... Read More

eclipse, KellanLutz, NewMoon, XavierSamuel

Dear Summit Entertainment, Please Release A New 'Eclipse' Poster

May 10th 2010 11:40AM

In the movie poster for Eclipse that was released in March (left), Bella, Edward, and Jacob are all facing forward with grim expressions and a... Read More


Kellan Lutz Makes A Career Changing Decision

Apr 13th 2010 10:06AM

Taylor Lautner isn't the only Twi-hunk with a growing bank account. Kellan Lutz will marry Mandy a movie he'll begin filming in a few days.... Read More

KellanLutz, WarOfTheGods

Kellan Lutz to Play Poseidon in 'War of the Gods'

Mar 24th 2010 1:00PM

Kellan Lutz is a god, or at least he will be. The Twilight star has been cast as Poseidon in the newest Greek mythology film War of the Gods. The... Read More


Kellan Lutz and Kola Team Up to Paw-tect Animals

Mar 8th 2010 10:30AM

The only thing more adorbs than Kellan Lutz may be his dogs, Kola and Kevin. Both of his four-legged best friends were adopted and now Kellan's... Read More

KellanLutz, NewMoon, SophiaBush

Sophia Bush, Kellan Lutz, and More Celebs Save Homeless Animals

Dec 11th 2009 11:12AM

With the economy hurting, many families facing serious money problems are forced to leave their beloved pets at animal shelters across the country.... Read More

AshleyGreene, ChristianSerratos, Eclipse, KellanLutz, NewMoon, RachelleLefevre, Twilight

It's Puppy Love for Kellan Lutz

Dec 7th 2009 10:44AM

Reason number 7,984 why we heart Kellan Lutz: He's an animal lover. Kellan was on 'The Bonnie Hunt Show' on Wednesday and he brought his dog, Kola!... Read More