Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas is the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers, as well as an accomplished Broadway actor, who appeared on stage beginning at age 7. Nick also ventured into his own side project, Nick Jonas & the Administration in 2010, before reuniting with the Jonas Brothers in 2012.
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Nick Jonas Guesses Celeb Bulges in Hilarious New Video

Oct 22nd 2014 8:03PM

We have to hand it to Sugarscape for coming up with one of the best games ever. And to Nick Jonas for being such a good sport in this video - watch as... Read More

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Is Nick Jonas Quitting Twitter? Sometimes Haters Are "Out of Control"

Oct 20th 2014 5:36PM

Wait. Nick Jonas is quitting Twitter? It seems the social media platform can sometimes be a little much for Nick – but then again, it's such a... Read More

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Iggy Azalea Tweets About Nick Jonas Crush Epidemic

Oct 16th 2014 11:34AM

And you thought a One Direction infection was bad – according to Iggy Azalea, the new epidemic is people developing massive crushes on Nick... Read More

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New Nick Jonas Songs 'Teacher' and 'Wilderness' Explore More Sexy Themes

Oct 15th 2014 10:28AM

More new music from Nick Jonas? Our ears couldn't be more excited. Check out Nick's new songs – two! – "Teacher" and "Wilderness," from... Read More

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Nick Jonas Responds to Demi Lovato's "Keep It In His Pants" Comment

Oct 13th 2014 10:25PM

Nick Jonas chatted with 103.7 KVIL's radio show recently and, of course, those sexy Flaunt magazine photos came up. Specifically, how Demi Lovato said... Read More

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Nick Jonas On Fan Grabbing His Ass: "It Was Highly Uncomfortable"

Oct 12th 2014 1:27PM

Nick Jonas doesn't want you to grab his ass. Sorry, ladies. In a new interview with Special Ed at the Virgin Radio Red Room, Nick talked about his... Read More

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Who Is Nick Jonas' New Song 'Numb' About? Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Delta Goodrem?

Oct 8th 2014 12:54PM

We knew as soon as we heard Nick Jonas' new song, "Numb" that people would start to wonder who it's about. And, of course, Miley Cyrus' name came up.... Read More

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Nick Jonas Considering Full Frontal Nudity for Upcoming Role?

Oct 6th 2014 10:56PM

Could you be seeing even more of Nick Jonas in the future? While we enjoyed his recent Flaunt magazine photo shoot, where he stripped down and showed... Read More

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Nick Jonas Wants People to Have Sex to His Music: 'Jealous' Explicit Version

Oct 5th 2014 1:00AM

Nick Jonas is shedding his wholesome Jonas Brothers image and showing us a new side (yes, we're still drooling over his sexy new pics), and he wants... Read More

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Miley Cyrus Is Freaking Out Because Her Sex Journal About Nick Jonas, Liam Hemsworth Was Stolen

Oct 4th 2014 5:18PM

Miley Cyrus is freaking out. No, it's not because of some bad reefer reaction or anything, but because her sex journal was reportedly stolen. What... Read More

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Nick Jonas Talks Worst Date Ever, Celebrity Crush and Secret Talent

Oct 3rd 2014 12:52PM

Just when we finally recovered from Nick Jonas' smoking hot Flaunt magazine pics (so. sexy.), his Cosmopolitan interview hit the internet. Give us a... Read More

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Nick Jonas Drops Pants, Grabs Crotch, Flashes Butt Crack in New Pics

Oct 2nd 2014 12:34PM

If Nick Jonas is trying to remind us that he's all grown up with these new pics for Flaunt magazine,'s working. Of course, the sexy photos... Read More

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Nick Jonas Shows Off Abs on Sexy Flaunt Magazine Cover

Oct 1st 2014 4:23PM

Thank you, Nick Jonas and Flaunt magazine. Nick appears on the cover of their upcoming issue, showing off his spectacular abs as he pulls up his... Read More

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Nick Jonas on Ditching the Purity Ring: We're Pretty Sure We Know Why

Sep 19th 2014 5:22PM

Hey, remember when Nick Jonas wore a purity ring? And then he didn't, but there was really no explanation? Wellll, we're pretty sure we can figure out... Read More

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Nick Jonas Slams Hater on Twitter: "Some People Are So Full of Hate It's Sad"

Sep 18th 2014 5:24PM

Nick Jonas fired back at a hater on Twitter today, but kept it brief and polite, of course. What happened? Seems @shaun311 had a hater's parade of... Read More

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Nick Jonas Strips at Gay Bar, Teases Jonas Brothers Reunion

Sep 11th 2014 8:54PM

Nick Jonas, you tease. Not only did Nick pull off a sexy (semi) striptease at a gay bar, he also planted the seed that maybe – just maybe... Read More

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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Recorded Another Duet: All the "Afterglow" Details!

Sep 10th 2014 12:31PM

Wait. Hold the phone. There's another Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas duet they worked on, in addition to "Avalanche"? This is not a drill. While Nick... Read More

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Nick Jonas Teases Demi Lovato Duet 'Avalanche' During Live Chat: Listen!

Sep 8th 2014 1:13PM

Nick Jonas is teasing us. While he's got new music coming out soon, and recently released the audio for "Jealous," we've been most eager to hear his... Read More

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Nick Jonas Announces Concert Tour Dates, New Album Available for Pre-Order

Sep 5th 2014 11:44AM

Nick Jonas announced his tour today and we are beyond excited! He took to Twitter to drop the big news, tweeting: "I am going on tour! Head to... Read More

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Shirtless Hotties Face-Off Finals: Nick Jonas or Harry Styles?

Sep 4th 2014 8:37PM

Summer has cooled off, but our Shirtless Hotties Face-Off is on fire. It's down to two sizzling hunks. One has serious abs. The other has serious... Read More

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2014 MTV VMAs: Nick Jonas Dishes on His New Album, Joe Jonas' Vegas Birthday Bash

Aug 25th 2014 9:37AM

While hitting the MTV VMAs red carpet without his brothers, Nick Jonas opened up about his solo career, telling us what his experience has been like... Read More

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Nick Jonas Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: He Claims the Video Is "Epic"

Aug 21st 2014 2:19PM

Nick Jonas took the ALS ice bucket challenge and shared his video, which he called "epic." We think it could have better lived up to that claim if he... Read More

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Demi Lovato on Nick Jonas Duet: "I Fell In Love With the Song"

Aug 19th 2014 7:13PM

We can't wait to hear the upcoming Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas duet, "Avalanche" (seriously, it can't come soon enough), and Demi's gotten us even more... Read More

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Summer Shirtless Hotties Face-Off: Semifinals

Aug 8th 2014 5:42PM

Summer is quickly coming to a close and our Shirtless Hotties Face-Off is now down to four sizzling hunks. Which celeb guy has the best summer beach... Read More

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Nick Jonas on Bulking Up for 'Kingdom' Role: "Wanted to Look Like an Animal"

Aug 4th 2014 12:16PM

Nick Jonas has really muscled up for his new role on the DirecTV series, Kingdom. Playing an MMA fighter required a certain bulkiness and hey, we're... Read More

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Nick Jonas 'Kingdom' Trailer: Nick Shows Off a Side We've Never Seen Before

Jul 31st 2014 5:32PM

It's finally here – watch the trailer for Nick Jonas' new series, Kingdom, coming to DirecTV in October. What can we say? It looks pretty... Read More

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Nick Jonas Reveals Demi Lovato "Avalanche" Duet Details: "There's Always Music For Us Together"

Jul 31st 2014 2:55PM

Nick Jonas recently confirmed that he and Demi Lovato have recorded a duet and it'll be on his upcoming album (we're still breathing in a paper bag... Read More

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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Duet Confirmed for His New Album

Jul 30th 2014 10:03AM

If you thought the "Chains" music video was the most exciting Nick Jonas news of the day...brace yourselves for this one: Demi Lovato is confirmed to... Read More

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Nick Jonas 'Chains' Music Video Is Beyond Hot: Watch With a Fan Nearby

Jul 30th 2014 9:17AM

Well hello, Nick Jonas. Watch Nick's new "Chains" music video, where he's definitely showing he's growing up. So. Much. When we first heard "Chains,"... Read More

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Nick Jonas Releases 'Chains,' First Post Jonas Brothers Breakup Single

Jul 25th 2014 3:34PM

Nick Jonas has some new music for you to lay your ears on and we're pretty excited to hear Nick's new single after the whole Jonas Brothers breakup... Read More