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Why Was Ariana Grande Once "So Unhappy" on Set?

Jun 25th 2013 11:40AM

The Nickelodeon starlet opens up about how she handled a mean girl on set of her show and why her album is taking so long... Read More

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Ariana Grande & Jennette McCurdy Team Up in 'Sam & Cat' World Premiere!

Jun 5th 2013 6:11PM

Sam Puckett from iCarly and Cat Valentine from Victorious are teaming up for the Nick crossover spinoff series Sam & Cat. Check out the... Read More

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Ariana Grande Talks 'Victorious' Finale! "We'll Be Best Friends Until We're 900"

Jan 30th 2013 9:35PM

Find out what Ariana had to say about the last season of 'Victorious'!... Read More

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Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande 'L.A. Boyz': Listen Now!

Oct 18th 2012 10:30AM

Listen to Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande sing L.A. Boyz.... Read More

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Sad News! 'Victorious' Has Been Cancelled!

Aug 14th 2012 3:30PM

The hit Nickelodeon show isn't returning after season three!... Read More

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Exclusive: 'Make It In America' Behind The Scenes Video; Get Fifth Mystery Number in 'Victorious Locker Countdown'

Jun 4th 2012 4:00PM

'Victorious' fans rejoice!... Read More

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Listen: 'Victorious 2.0' Album Sneak Peek; Get First Mystery Number in 'Victorious Locker Countdown'

May 29th 2012 7:00PM

We are revealing the first number of the Victorious Locker Countdown... Read More

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Exclusive: Victoria Justice Says 'Fun Size' Co-Star Chelsea Handler Is Naturally Funny; Johnny Knoxville is Surprisingly Sweet

May 26th 2012 12:00PM

Victoria Justice stopped by to talk about her upcoming film 'Fun Size'... Read More

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Exclusive: Victoria Justice Talks Summer Tour and Songs She'll Perform!

May 23rd 2012 3:00PM

Check out what Victoria Justice has planned for her summer tour!... Read More

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Exclusive: Victoria Justice Talks 'Make It In America,' 'Victorious' Special "Tori Goes Platinum"

May 18th 2012 6:30AM

We talked with Victoria Justice about Make It In America and the new Victorious special!... Read More

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Connecting Next With Victoria Justice: Send Qs and Check Out Her New Song

May 15th 2012 1:15PM

Watch Victoria Justice sing Make It In America on Ellen DeGeneres.... Read More

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Ariana Grande Talks LMFAO Duet at Wango Tango

May 15th 2012 11:00AM

Ariana Grande talks about her new album in this clip from Wango Tango.... Read More

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Watch: Liz Gillies and Ariana Grande Rent Karaoke Video

May 7th 2012 1:15PM

These Victorious stars are super-talented. Watch!... Read More

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Which 'Victorious' Star Got a Tattoo on Her Foot?

Apr 23rd 2012 6:12PM

One 'Victorious' star is the proud owner of a tattooed heart... on her toe!... Read More

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Victoria Justice Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of the 'All I Want Is Everything' Video

Oct 4th 2011 9:30AM

Victoria Justice and the cast of 'Victorious' released their 'All I Want Is Everything' video last month, and now they're giving fans a... Read More

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Victoria Justice Dolls to Hit Stores on October 1

Sep 30th 2011 5:10PM

Victoria Justice should be really excited about the weekend. The 'Victorious' star's new line of dolls will be released on Saturday, October 1. ... Read More

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Victoria Justice Sings Remix of 'Make It Shine' on 'Victorious' (Exclusive Video)

Sep 9th 2011 1:32PM

Victoria Justice puts a new spin on the theme song to 'Victorious' this weekend when she sings a remix of the song 'Make It Shine' for the new... Read More

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Victoria Justice Goes For Her Crush In "All I Want Is Everything" Music Video

Sep 2nd 2011 2:23PM

Victoria Justice pulls out all the stops, with the help of her "Victorious" cast members, to impress her crush in her new music video for "All... Read More

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"Victorious" Soundtrack In Stores Today!

Aug 2nd 2011 3:33PM

Do you love the music on "Victorious"? We know we do. The soundtrack to Nickelodeon's hit show is available in stores today and features the... Read More

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Victoria Justice Opens Up About the 'Victorious' Soundtrack and Her Upcoming Solo Album (Exclusive)

Aug 1st 2011 7:07PM

The 'Victorious' soundtrack will be released tomorrow, and Victoria Justice could not be more excited. Fans will get to hear tons of music from... Read More

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Victoria Justice: "My Own Music Will Be More Mature"

Jul 29th 2011 3:01PM

Victoria Justice is busy filming her new movie Fun Size, but that doesn't mean she isn't thinking about her music. While Victoria sings on... Read More

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"Victorious": Locked Up! Movie Preview Clips

Jul 27th 2011 5:55PM

Check out some new clips from the hour long "Victorious" movie "Locked Up!" A free exotic vacation goes awry when Tori and the Hollywood Arts... Read More

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"Victorious" Cast: 'I Want You Back' Music Video

Jul 23rd 2011 6:12PM

Check out the cast of "Victorious'" music video for their cover of "I Want You Back." The cast performed the song recently at their Wal-Mart... Read More

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Victoria Justice Gets "Locked Up" in 'Victorious' Movie

Jul 18th 2011 7:40PM

Check out some new photos from the one hour "Victorious" movie "Locked Up!", premiering Saturday, July 30 at 8pm EST. A free exotic vacation... Read More

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EXCLUSIVE: Is Elizabeth Gillies Planning a Solo Album? (Video)

Jul 14th 2011 3:05PM

Congrats to Elizabeth Gillies and the cast of "Victorious" on their Emmy nomination! We recently chatted with Liz to find out if she is... Read More

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And the 2011 Primetime Emmy Nominees Are...

Jul 14th 2011 1:48PM

Hit drama "Mad Men" looks set to dominate the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards after scoring 19 nominations, including Best Drama. "Mad Men" star... Read More

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EXCLUSIVE: Jennette Mccurdy's "iparty with Victorious" Rap (Video)

Jun 11th 2011 1:14PM

Jennette McCurdy is excited for "iParty with Victorious" to premiere on Nickelodeon tonight. We had a chance to preview the episode early at... Read More

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EXCLUSIVE: "iparty" with Nathan Kress on Twitter Tonight (Video)

Jun 11th 2011 12:47PM

Tonight is the night! Nickelodeon's big crossover event, "iParty with Victorious," premieres tonight at 8pm EST. We caught up with Nathan... Read More

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EXCLUSIVE: Elizabeth Gillies Chats About "iparty with Victorious" (Video)

Jun 10th 2011 4:36PM

Nickelodeon's big crossover event, "iParty with Victorious," is only a few days away! The special finds the casts of "iCarly" and "Victorious"... Read More

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On the Red Carpet for "iParty with Victorious"

Jun 7th 2011 1:22PM

Cambio meets up the stars of the "iCarly" and "Victorious" mash-up.... Read More