Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes
Actress Amanda Bynes got her start on Nickelodeon's All That before landing her own series, The Amanda Show. She starred in the TV series What I Like About You, as well as a number of movies, including What a Girl Wants, She’s the Man and Hairspray. In 2012, Amanda began making headlines for legal problems and strange behavior.
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Buckle Up! Amanda Bynes Gets Her Driver's License Back

Apr 24th 2014 5:36PM

Amanda Bynes is back behind the wheel. Although her license was suspended in 2012 after she got in two hit and run accidents as well as a DUI, the... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Shoots Down Schizophrenia Rumor, Not Taking Any Meds

Apr 9th 2014 12:28PM

Amanda Bynes has been pretty quiet about her treatment for reported mental disorders after she was placed on a mandatory 5150 psychiatric hold last... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Rocks Bikini During Spring Break in Cabo

Apr 8th 2014 1:08PM

After successfully completing rehab, Amanda Bynes also finished her first semester of classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, so... Read More

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Does Amanda Bynes Have a Secret Twitter Account?

Mar 11th 2014 2:45PM

Since completing treatment, Amanda Bynes has totally cleaned up her Twitter account, deleting all of the nasty Tweets she wrote last year calling a... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter: What Did She Say?

Mar 1st 2014 2:47PM

Amanda Bynes has been absent from Twitter for quite some time. It looked like the embattled actress had popped back on in September when a mysterious... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Avoids Jailtime, Cops Plea for DUI Charge

Feb 24th 2014 4:51PM

More good news for Amanda Bynes: she won't be facing any jailtime for her DUI back in April 2012. The former Nickelodeon star's lawyer entered a no... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Lost 5 Pounds at Utah Fitness Retreat

Jan 24th 2014 11:48AM

Before beginning school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, the Easy A actress attended a Miracles fitness boot camp in Utah... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Goes Back to School! How Was Her First Day?

Jan 15th 2014 11:48AM

The former actress, who left rehab in December, has her first day as a student as the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Steps Out With Blonde, Curly Hair

Dec 24th 2013 3:48PM

The former actress, who was recently released from rehab, shows off newly lightener locks and a cute curly it a wig?... Read More

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What Happened to Amanda Bynes' Puppy?

Dec 12th 2013 11:23AM

Amanda Bynes' puppy Sherbert, who was accidentally doused in gasoline during the fire she started this summer, has been given away to a family friend... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Wears "Team Twerk" Hat Post-Rehab

Dec 9th 2013 2:20PM

The actress steps out post-rehab wearing a "Team Twerk" hat while walking the dogs with her family...does this mean she's done feuding with Miley... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Heads to Medical Center, Shows Off Dark Locks

Dec 6th 2013 4:42PM

Amanda Bynes appears to be on the right track after leaving rehab. The Easy A actress has continued to lay low since getting released from the... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Steps Out After Leaving Rehab--See the Pic!

Dec 5th 2013 5:25PM

Amanda Bynes appears to be in good spirits after leaving rehab. The actress is living with her parents now that she has completed her inpatient... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Completes Treatment Program, Now Lives in Parents' Home

Dec 5th 2013 1:22AM

After a tumultuous year, Amanda Bynes has completed her inpatient treatment program at a Malibu rehab facility and is living with her parents.... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Mentally Fit to Stand Trial for DUI Case

Nov 21st 2013 11:50AM

Another sign of progress? A judge in an LA mental health court deems the troubled starlet mentally fit to stand trial for her DUI case... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Getting Released From Rehab Before Christmas

Nov 5th 2013 3:17PM

The troubled starlet, who was first being held in a psych ward since June before being transferred to rehab, will be allowed to go home sometime next... Read More

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Amanda Bynes' Mom Speaks Out: "She Will Get Through This"

Oct 3rd 2013 5:32PM

Amanda's mother, who's been appointed her temporary conservator, says "99 percent of the things written about my daughter in various media outlets are... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Leaves UCLA Psych Ward for Malibu Rehab

Sep 30th 2013 9:58AM

The troubled actress leaves UCLA psych ward, where she was being treated for a serious mental illness, for a Malibu rehab facility. How's she doing?... Read More

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Amanda Bynes a No Show in Court, Mentally Unfit to Attend Trial

Sep 25th 2013 10:37AM

The troubled starlet, who's still in treatment, missed her scheduled court date Tuesday because she's not mentally fit to stand trial, according to... Read More

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Amanda Bynes' UCLA Psych Ward Stay to Cost More Than $210,000

Sep 3rd 2013 12:55PM

The troubled actress, who's set to spend at least 60 more days in treatment at UCLA for psychiatric issues, is paying $3,500 a day to stay there... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Tweeting From Psych Hospital?

Sep 1st 2013 12:28AM

Amanda Bynes hasn't tweeted since July 19th before she was taken into custody for setting a fire in a stranger's driveway and put on a psychiatric... Read More

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Amanda Bynes to Stay at UCLA Psychiatric Hospital for at Least Two More Months (Report)

Aug 18th 2013 6:38PM

Amanda Bynes recently transferred from a Ventura, CA hospital to the UCLA Psychiatric hospital for what was originally believed to be another month's... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Transferred to UCLA Psych Ward

Aug 16th 2013 12:52PM

The troubled star is transferred from the psychiatric hospital in Ventura County that she was being treated at to UCLA's psych ward at her mom's... Read More

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How Is Amanda Bynes Doing in The Hospital?

Aug 12th 2013 5:09PM

A new report says the troubled star is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder but has made significant improvements while she's been on a... Read More

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Amanda Bynes' Parents Granted Conservatorship, Psychiatric Hold Extended 30 Days

Aug 9th 2013 1:04PM

The troubled starlet's parents are granted temporary conservatorship of their daughter as she's placed on a 30 day extended psychiatric hold by her... Read More

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Drake Sounds Off on Amanda Bynes' Bizarre Tweets

Aug 7th 2013 6:53PM

The rapper finally speaks out about Amanda's strange Tweets to him, says "it's a little weird and disturbing" and a problem "that is way bigger than... Read More

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Nick Cannon Writes Open Letter to Amanda Bynes: "You're Not Alone"

Aug 1st 2013 1:46PM

Mariah Carey's husband pens a heartfelt letter of support to his "sister" and former Nickelodeon costar Amanda Bynes, who's currently in being treated... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Improving in Psych Ward Due to Medicine Cocktail

Aug 1st 2013 11:03AM

The troubled starlet is showing major improvement in the psych ward thanks to a combination of medications her doctors have prescribed. But will she... Read More

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Amanda Bynes Hoping to Reunite With Her Dog While Hospitalized

Jul 31st 2013 3:18PM

Amanda was devastated when she realized she burned her pet Pomeranian during the fire she started and is hoping for a visit from her dog while... Read More

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10 Celebs That Landed on Amanda Bynes' "Ugly" List

Jul 30th 2013 12:50PM

These days it's not a huge surprise if a celeb lands on Amanda Bynes' 'ugly' list. Check out 10 of the celebs the embattled actress deemed less than... Read More