Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. She made her debut on Broadway at the age of 15, playing the role of Charlotte in 13 in 2008. Ariana has now reprised her Victorious role in a spinoff called Sam & Cat. Ariana reached mainstream success after her single "The Way" featuring Mac Miller was released from her debut studio album "Yours Truly" in March 2013.
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Is Ariana Grande's New Single "Problem" About Jai Brooks? Jariana Back Together?

Apr 16th 2014 10:31AM

Ariana Grande has revealed not only the name of her new single, "Problem," but also a little bit of what it's about. But WHO is it about? Based on... Read More

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Ariana Grande and Chris Brown "Don't Be Gone Too Long" Duet Teaser

Apr 15th 2014 3:30PM

Remember when Ariana Grande and Chris Brown recorded a duet called "Don't Be Gone Too Long"--and then Chris was gone too long (*cough* jail) and... Read More

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Ariana Grande: "Just Had a Bone Taken Out of My Skull" Tweet Scares Fans

Apr 15th 2014 9:24AM

Ariana Grande gave fans a huge scare yesterday when she tweeted about having a bone removed--turns out, she was just talking about wisdom tooth... Read More

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Ariana Grande Posts Sexy Pics: Trying to Shed Her Good Girl Image?

Apr 8th 2014 1:59PM

Is Ariana Grande trying to shed her good girl image and show off a sexier side? While Ariana has shown her edge a little bit before, these new pics of... Read More

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Did Harry Styles Write a Song for Ariana Grande?

Apr 7th 2014 2:34PM

Are Harry Styles and Ariana Grande collaborating on a duet together or did Harry write a song for her? Well, this is how rumors get started, so let's... Read More

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Ariana Grande Responds to Jennette McCurdy Feud, Shoots Down 'Sam & Cat' Salary Rumors

Apr 4th 2014 10:57AM

Well, at least we can shoot one rumor down about the drama surrounding Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande and Sam & Cat--there are no money issues... Read More

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Epic Prank Fail on Ariana Grande: Watch Emblem 3's Slime Fakeout Gone Wrong

Apr 3rd 2014 5:23PM

Oof. A Kids' Choice Awards orange carpet slime prank went south when Wesley Stromberg of Emblem 3 tried to pull a trick on Ariana Grande. Not... Read More

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Drake Bell Disses Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Their Fans?

Apr 3rd 2014 11:21AM

And you thought Drake Bell only hated Justin he's firing off his hate bombs at fellow Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, too.... Read More

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Is 'Sam & Cat' Canceled? Jennette McCurdy Reportedly Upset Ariana Grande Makes More Money

Apr 2nd 2014 4:15PM

Has Sam & Cat been canceled? Rumors are swirling after Jennette McCurdy boycotted the Kids' Choice Awards, then cryptically tweeted that something... Read More

ariana grande, jennette mccurdy

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande: 'Sam & Cat' Drama, Nickelodeon Feud Cause of KCAs Boycott?

Apr 1st 2014 1:00PM

Ever since Jennette McCurdy missed the Kids' Choice Awards and tweeted a vague-ish explanation about why she wasn't there, we've been super curious... Read More

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Ariana Grande Naked Pics Scandal? Fans Pull #ArianasNudesLeaked April Fool's Prank

Apr 1st 2014 10:36AM

Is Ariana Grande the latest star to have naked pics leak online? You'd think so after #ArianasNudesLeaked was a Twitter trending topic--but turns out... Read More

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Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks Back Together? Their Emoji Filled Tweets Have Fans Talking

Mar 28th 2014 3:38PM

Did Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks get back together? Some cryptic emoji-filled tweets definitely have people wondering if they're dating again...but... Read More

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Ariana Grande Teases New Song: 'They Don't Understand' Is Music to Our Ears

Mar 27th 2014 10:52AM

Ariana Grande went all sneaky and previewed just the tiniest bit of a new song for her know, because she's not supposed to reveal anything... Read More

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Ariana Grande Gets New Ink at Tattoo Party: Find Out the Special Meaning

Mar 25th 2014 11:52AM

Ariana Grande has a lot to show off after a weekend tattoo party--three broken toes and some fresh ink. That was some party. Yesterday, we learned... Read More

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Ariana Grande Broke Three Toes Slipping in Dog Pee

Mar 24th 2014 2:25PM

Poor Ariana Grande! The Sam & Cat star/singer broke three of her toes over the weekend--in the most gross way ever, we might add. Seems there's a... Read More

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Ariana Grande and Chris Brown Duet Delayed Because He's In Jail?

Mar 18th 2014 11:46AM

Ugh. We knew Ariana Grande's decision to record the duet "Don't Be Gone Too Long" with Chris Brown might not have been the best plan, but it looks... Read More

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Ariana Grande Shows Off New Neck Tattoo: What Does Mille Tendresse Mean?

Mar 14th 2014 10:55AM

Ariana Grande got a neck tattoo? Yeah, we never would have expected it either. Is she changing up her image? Well...not so fast...Ariana got the very... Read More

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Ariana Grande Sings Whitney Houston Song for President Obama

Mar 7th 2014 9:56AM

Ariana Grande can sing with the best of them...and she did, last night, performing for President Obama and the First Lady. Hey Ariana, that's a pretty... Read More