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Ashley Olsen One Ups Mary-Kate by Dating 47-Year-Old Director

Aug 5th 2014 3:50PM

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are twin sisters and they share more than good fashion sense...both girls have a thing for dating much older men. Most... Read More

ashley olsen, mary kate olsen

Do the Olsen Twins Watch TV at All? How Did They Not Know This Show?

Apr 25th 2014 1:12PM

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday and despite the... Read More

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Breaking News From Seven Years Ago: Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong Dated

Mar 6th 2014 8:08PM

Looks like Mary-Kate isn't the only Olsen twin who had a May-December romance. Despite what it sounds like, the term doesn't describe a seven-month... Read More

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Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Darker Hair, Favorite Sister

Feb 21st 2014 1:22PM

Elizabeth Olsen was full of surprises when she sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. The youngest Olsen sister showed off a new... Read More

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Which Olsen Twin Just Broke Up With Her Boyfriend?

Jan 15th 2014 1:26PM

Which Olsen sister is single again after breaking up with her boyfriend?... Read More

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Where Were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Spotted in All Black?

Nov 15th 2013 7:47PM

Perhaps Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were trying to keep a low profile? Check out where the twin sisters were spotted rocking head-to-toe black in Los... Read More

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Reveal Why They Put Their Acting Careers on Hold

Nov 13th 2013 11:26PM

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are opening up. Find out what the actresses-turned-fashion designers said about why they put their acting careers on hold... Read More

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Wore Designer Duds on 'Full House'

Oct 18th 2013 5:40PM

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have come a long way since their days on 'Full House.' The two have grown to be big players in the fashion industry, but... Read More

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Elizabeth Olsen Almost Wasn't An Actress Thanks to the Paparazzi

Oct 1st 2011 9:30PM

Growing up the younger sister of the most famous twins in showbiz probably isn't the easiest thing. Elizabeth Olsen almost turned her back on her... Read More

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Ashley Olsen & Justin Bartha Split

Mar 9th 2011 12:57PM

Ashley Olsen is single again after splitting from The Hangover star Justin Bartha, according to a U.S. report. The former child star and her... Read More