Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone
Austin Mahone is a singer who first gained attention with his YouTube videos in 2010. He landed a recording contract in 2012, releasing the singles "11:11" and "Say Somethin'." Austin, who was the opening act for some of the dates on Taylor Swift's Red tour, also recorded the hit "Say You're Just a Friend" with Flo Rida.
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Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber Get VIP Treatment at Drake's Los Angeles Show

Sep 23rd 2014 2:15PM

We need to be BFFs with Austin Mahone or Justin Bieber like NOW. The guys had the hookup at Drake and Lil Wayne's recent show in Los Angeles. ... Read More

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Usher Pulls a Katy Perry, Steals Austin Mahone's Backup Dancer

Sep 15th 2014 11:46PM

Who knew backup dancer stealing was a thing? Well, apparently it is. Just ask Taylor Swift and Austin Mahone all about that. The singers had to... Read More

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Austin Mahone Amazingly Covers George Strait at His Show (WATCH)

Jul 29th 2014 1:29AM

Talk about a blast from the past. Austin Mahone busted out some old school George Strait at his recent show in his hometown San Antonio, and it was... Read More

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Are Austin Mahone and Becky G More Than Friends?

Jul 23rd 2014 12:46AM

When a guy gets a girl a huge bouquet of flowers for her birthday...does that mean he likes her? Austin Mahone reportedly did just that for singer... Read More

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Austin Mahone Gets Super Sexy in His New Single "Say My Name" (LISTEN)

Jul 16th 2014 12:55AM

The Internet-song-leak gods ripped Austin Mahone's supposed new single, "Say My Name" and posted it online early. Because of that, the singer decided... Read More

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What Makes Austin Mahone Say "Mmm Yeah" When He Sees a Girl?

Jun 22nd 2014 12:00PM

Austin Mahone has some silly song lyrics, including "All that I could say was mmm yeah" and "She's a banga banga banga banga." When we sat down with... Read More

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Austin Mahone Reveals How You Can Be His 'U Girl'

Jun 12th 2014 2:43PM

Austin Mahone loves his Mahomies. He even brings a special fan up on stage at every concert and serenades her. The lucky lady has become known as "The... Read More

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Austin Mahone Dating Camila Cabello? He Sets the Record Straight

Jun 10th 2014 4:31PM

Does Austin Mahone have a girlfriend? When Austin posted two Instagram pics with Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello, dating rumors were flying amongst the... Read More

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Austin Mahone Was Bullied Too: Here's His Advice on How to Deal

Jun 5th 2014 10:00AM

You wouldn't think a cute, talented guy like Austin Mahone would ever have had to deal with bullies, but the 18-year-old singer opened up to us about... Read More

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Shhh, Austin Mahone Reveals 5 Big Secrets, Including How to Get His Attention

Jun 2nd 2014 4:05PM

Austin Mahone just released his debut EP, The Secret. According to the catchy title track, "Everybody's got a secret." We got a chance to sit down... Read More

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Austin Mahone Channels His Inner N'Sync in New Song "Next To You" (LISTEN)

May 21st 2014 5:00PM

Mmm, yeah! Austin Mahone's new song "Next To You" is pretty much our favorite song right now. The singer just dropped the track and like his... Read More

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One Direction Fans Get Compared to Mahomies in Austin Mahone's 'Funny or Die' Video (WATCH)

May 21st 2014 12:41AM

What happens when Austin Mahone tries to be a big boy and hire his own manager? It goes horribly wrong. Just take a look at the singer's new Funny or... Read More

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Why You Probably Shouldn't Ask Austin Mahone to Go to Prom With You

May 17th 2014 8:15AM

Justin Bieber might be heading to prom this year, but you won't catch Austin Mahone there. The singer just revealed that he's not really into the idea... Read More

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Austin Mahone Tweets About His Worst Show Ever After Three Fans Go Missing at His Sacramento Concert

May 13th 2014 12:00PM

Austin Mahone had his worst show ever the other day and it's not because he fell down or forgot lyrics while on stage. The singer was handed scary... Read More

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Austin Mahone Chooses Between Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Talks Justin Bieber's Mistakes

May 7th 2014 11:17PM

If you had to pick between MIley Cyrus or Selena Gomez, who would you choose? That question might be hard for us to answer, but it was pretty easy for... Read More

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Why Selena Gomez Made Austin Mahone Cry

Apr 29th 2014 5:42PM

Selena Gomez cleaned out her Instagram account last week and everyone from Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift are gone-zo. Justin didn't seem too phased by... Read More

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Is Justin Bieber Bisexual? Rumors Emerge After Austin Mahone Kissing Picture Surfaces

Apr 7th 2014 3:52PM

Is there something you guys need to tell us Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone? New bisexual rumors have emerged after a photo of the young singers... Read More

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Happy 18th Birthday Austin Mahone! Our GIFt to You

Apr 4th 2014 8:28PM

Ladies, get ready to celebrate. Austin Mahone is finally legal. The "MMM Yeah" singer turned 18 today, just as he announced his summer headlining tour, supported by Fifth Harmony, and the... Read More

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Austin Mahone Proves He Was Never Dating Selena Gomez by Hanging Out With Justin Bieber

Apr 2nd 2014 11:37PM

There's no bad blood between Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone. The two hot singers were pictured together in a music studio on Wednesday, April 2,... Read More

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5 Times Austin Mahone Reminds Us of Justin Bieber in His New "MMM Yeah" Video

Mar 17th 2014 11:59PM

Wait, is that Austin Mahone or Justin Bieber? Austin just dropped the new music video for his single "MMM Yeah" featuring Pitbull and the whole thing had us thinking about the Biebs. Sorry,...

Read More

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Austin Mahone to 'Dancing With the Stars': "No Thanks"

Mar 5th 2014 12:18PM

We know Austin Mahone can definitely dance, but he declined Dancing With the Stars this season. According to UsWeekly, the "What About Love" singer... Read More

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Austin Mahone Wants to Get Romantic This Valentine's Day With 'U' (LISTEN)

Feb 14th 2014 2:28PM

Austin Mahone definitely wants his fans to have a wonderful Valentine's Day. The adorable singer will not only sit down for an exclusive MTV... Read More

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Austin Mahone Gets Funky in "MMM Yeah" Lyric Video

Jan 31st 2014 5:55PM

Austin Mahone rocks a new look and signature moves in the lyric video for his latest single "MMM Yeah," featuring Pitbull. The "What About Love"... Read More

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Celeb Super Bowl Sightings

Jan 31st 2014 3:58PM

Are you ready for some football? Kylie Jenner, Austin Mahone, Brunos Mars and more are in NYC for the big game... Read More

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Austin Mahone Reveals If He's Dating Selena Gomez or Not

Jan 31st 2014 12:18AM

Are Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone really dating? Find out what the "What About Love" singer recently had to say about the whole thing.... Read More

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Justin Bieber Who? Selena Gomez Is Reportedly Dating Austin Mahone

Jan 29th 2014 3:30PM

Move over, Justin Bieber! There's a new guy in Selena Gomez's life...According to Us Weekly, the "Come & Get It" singer is dating pop star Austin... Read More

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Austin Mahone at Grammys 2014: How He Handles Girls Stalking Him, Staying Grounded

Jan 26th 2014 6:56PM

Austin Mahone chatted on the 2014 Grammys red carpet, dishing on how girls stalk him and how he stays grounded, something to consider given Justin... Read More

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Austin Mahone's Next Single Will Feature Pitbull 'Mmm Yeah!'

Jan 22nd 2014 1:48PM

Mahomies, rejoice! Austin Mahone just announced that he will drop his new single this week! What's even better news than that is that the upcoming... Read More

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Austin Mahone Gets New Haircut and Fancy Car Over The Holidays

Jan 4th 2014 2:20PM

Austin Mahone is just like Justin Bieber... and is all about his hair. So what happened when he tweeted that he was going to get his hair cut? His... Read More

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Are Austin Mahone and Kelly Rowland's Holiday Traditions More Exciting Than Yours? (WATCH!)

Dec 21st 2013 2:24PM

Rock the Red Kettle performers Austin Mahone, Kelly Rowland, Bean and Coco Jones tell Cambio how and why they've helped the Salvation Army and share... Read More