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'Eclipse' Returns to Theaters in Honor of Bella's Birthday

Sep 8th 2010 6:04PM

Brace yourselves, Twi-hards. Summit Entertainment will be re-releasing Eclipse in theaters for a very special occasion -- Bella's birthday! Those of... Read More

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Get Your Picture Taken in Front of Bella's Pickup Truck

Jun 23rd 2010 4:40PM

Bella's truck is almost like another character in the Twilight films. The 1963 Chevy has played a part in each of the released movies, and will of... Read More

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Bella's Bedding Returns to Target

Mar 23rd 2010 11:21AM

Target has Bella's floral bedroom set back in stock. It was previously available in black/charcoal, but the purple version - just like Bella's - is... Read More

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Your First Look At 'Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume One'

Mar 16th 2010 4:20PM

When we first caught a glimpse of Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 1 were were a little unsure. But now that we've seen it in person, held it in... Read More

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Is A Reality Show Coming to Forks?

Dec 31st 2009 7:24AM

The real life Edward Cullen and Bella Swan could soon be invading your TV screen. According to TheWrap, a television producer is hoping to create a... Read More

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First Look at Edward and Bella in 'Eclipse'

Dec 23rd 2009 1:00PM

Summit Entertainment has released the first official movie still from Eclipse! Twi-hards may have already seen this photo in People magazine,... Read More

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The Holidays Get Made-Up With Twilight Beauty Gift Sets

Dec 21st 2009 8:00PM

Are you stumped on what to get your Twilight-loving friend or family member for Christmas? Twilight Beauty has two gift sets available for the Bella... Read More

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Anya Marina's Video For 'Satellite Heart' from the 'New Moon' Soundtrack

Dec 12th 2009 12:49PM

Beautiful! Check out Anya Marina's music video for her song 'Satellite Heart' from New Moon. The video features Anya walking around a forest (like... Read More

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Pick Your 'New Moon' Pack

Nov 19th 2009 1:10PM

Bella has her school friends, Edward has the rest of the Cullens and Jacob has his wolf pack. If you lived in Forks, who would you hang out with? ... Read More

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Here's Another New Trailer For 'New Moon'

Oct 26th 2009 4:44PM

Are you sick of these yet? Yeah, we didn't think so. We just got our hands on a brand new TV spot for New Moon. It's mostly a mash up of clips from... Read More

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More 'New Moon' Photos Released!

Oct 20th 2009 11:59AM

First we posted the soundtrack, now we've got these photos...we are sooo happy right now. Check out these brand new photos from New Moon that were... Read More

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New Moon Virtual World?

Sep 3rd 2009 12:27PM

First Twilight avatars! Habbo has inked a deal with Summit Entertainment to launch a virtual experience for Twilight fans on their popular... Read More

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Edward And Bella Barbie

Aug 13th 2009 12:49PM

Introducing...Edward Cullen & Bella Swan Barbies! Um...what? Yep, the $25 (each) dolls will be available at Walmart starting November 1st. No word... Read More